More effective response to fire safety violations needs to be developed – Alikhan Smailov

The issues of fire safety during the heating period were considered at the Government session chaired by the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov.

Minister for Emergency Situations Yuri Ilyin reported that since the beginning of the year 9,647 fires were registered in the Republic, which resulted in 249 deaths and 212 more people received burns and poisonings of varying degrees of severity. Of the total number of fatalities, 107 people (43%) were under the influence of alcohol. Overall, compared to the same period in 2021, there was a 2.2% decrease in the number of fires, 18.6% decrease in the number of people killed and 40.8% decrease in the number of people injured.

In order to avoid injuries and fatalities and to minimise damage from fires, the Ministry for Emergency Situations enshrined in law mandatory requirements to equip residential buildings up to 10 storeys high with fire alarms and gas analysers. Today, the Ministry continues to introduce modern technology to prevent and eliminate fires, remove hazardous technical devices and in-built boilers from apartment buildings and social, cultural, entertainment, educational and sports facilities.

The Ministry for Emergency Situations also pays special attention to fire safety at heat and power supply facilities. From July to August, 845 facilities classified as high-risk were inspected. 3,379 violations were detected at 611 facilities, and 196 officials were held responsible.

Reports on the situation in the regions were made by the akims of Astana Altai Kulginov, Zhambyl region Nurzhan Nurzhigitov, and Kostanay region Archimed Mukhambetov.

The Prime Minister noted that in general throughout the country there is a decrease in the number of fires and casualties. However, an increase in the number of fires was registered in Abay, Zhambyl, East Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Ulytau regions and in the capital.

The majority of accidents, according to the Prime Minister, are caused by violations of elementary safety requirements for operating stoves, gas and electric heaters.

"We need to build a more effective system for responding to such violations. It is necessary to work on strengthening the powers of the inspections. People should be interested in eliminating the identified violations and preventing them in the future," Alikhan Smailov said.

He stressed that the issue of removing autonomous boilers from residential buildings to a safe distance was also repeatedly raised.

"Akims of the regions need to take appropriate measures and accelerate this work," the Prime Minister said.

In conclusion, Alikhan Smailov instructed to ensure clear coordination of state agencies and akimats on prevention of fires during the heating period, to take special control of social facilities, to take measures to tighten requirements for sale of liquefied gas, as well as to strengthen preventive and explanatory work with the population.

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