More than 1.1 million hectares of agricultural land returned to state property

The First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Roman Sklyar, held a regular session of the Commission for the withdrawal of unused lands, and lands issued in violation of the law. The results of ongoing work on identification and return of agricultural land were considered during the session.

As it was noted, the Commission returned 1 million 119 thousand hectares of land to the state since the beginning of this year.

At present 724 unscheduled inspections are carried out in regard to land users on the area of 2 mln. 94 hectares, 48 applications on 698,4 thousand hectares of lands are on the stage of registration in prosecutor's office.

In general, the Commission plans to check 2584 subjects on the area of 7.45 mln ha, 585.2 thousand ha of which is arable lands and 6.86 mln ha of pastures.

As you know, on 9 August this year, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed a decree abolishing the moratorium on inspections of the compliance with the land legislation.

Taking into account the above the measures by the end of this year, it is planned to return to state at least 5 million hectares of unused and issued with breaches of the law agricultural land.

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