More than 1,500 concerns voiced by citizens during meetings with ministers and akims

In 2022, Kazakhstan's ministers and akims held 216 receptions for citizens. This was reported by Minister of Information and Public Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Darkhan Kydyrali at the Government session, chaired by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov.

Today in Kazakhstan a significant part of problematic issues of citizens is solved at the local level. This was made possible thanks to the decentralization of government functions. However, the population also raises issues, the solution of which requires interdepartmental work.

For example, the issues of lack of highway medical and rescue points on the accident-prone sections of national roads, driving ranges to ensure practical road traffic rules examinations, provision of drugs for children with orphan diseases, etc. Despite the enormous burden on ministries, in particular the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture and other government agencies, these agencies provide significant support to akimats in addressing problematic issues of citizens within the framework of the Decree of the Head of State "On holding meetings of heads of central executive bodies with the population".

As part of off-site meetings, the ministers held 216 personal meetings, during which 1,498 citizens were received. The population voiced 1,679 issues of concern. Out of them 1241 or 74% were resolved, 438 issues are in the process of solution by the State bodies.

In general, the Minister of Information noted the positive effect and effectiveness of these activities. For example, as a result of meetings with the public, the Minister of Education has amended the rules of catering for students in public schools. The school canteens must now create the necessary conditions for children who bring their own food from home.

One of the results of the meetings of the Minister of Internal Affairs with the population of the North Kazakhstan region was the acceptance of the local sports school "Dinamo" under the patronage of the physical culture and sport society.

At the same time Darkhan Kydyrali reported that citizens and members of the media noted the lack of announcement of upcoming ministerial visits to the regions in the local media. According to the schedule, 227 meetings are scheduled for 2022, of which 55 are scheduled for the first half of the year and 172 for the second. A total of 212 meetings have been held in 2022 (between May and December), according to the schedule.

"A comparative analysis of the meetings of ministers with the public in the two halves of the year showed a significant increase in the rate of meetings in the second half of the year by 2.3 times. In other words, involvement of deputy ministers in the practice of holding meetings with the population in the regions along with ministers made it possible to catch up the schedule in less than 1 month," Kydirali said.

Information Minister also informed that the agency developed a new indicator "Meetings with Population" and included it into the draft methodology of evaluation of the degree of openness of the State bodies. Now the meetings of ministers with the population and their results will be assessed by the Ministry of Information and Community Development.

Darkhan Kydyrali, summarizing his speech, suggested the following measures to improve the effectiveness of meetings with the public in the future.

First. Not to be limited to meetings with the population in houses of culture and sites of the Central Communications Service, but to travel to problematic areas.

Second. To ensure frequent announcements of ministerial visits to the regions not only on the websites of central executive authorities, but also at the local level.

Third. Along with the ministers provide visits of vice-ministers and heads of departments to the regions.

Minister of National Economy Alibek Kuantyrov reported that following the results of 2H2012 about 19.8 thousand meetings of akims with citizens were held.

"The population raised more than 33.4 thousand proposals and questions on housing and communal infrastructure, landscaping and ecology, reconstruction of roads, construction of social infrastructure, land and housing issues, etc. The local executive bodies decided 33,100 issues based on the results of the meetings," he said.

On the basis of proposals of the local executive bodies, a list of problematic issues that require solution at the level of the central executive bodies, national holdings, companies, and proposals for their resolution was compiled. The list consists of 62 issues. Most of them are related to the need to allocate funds from the national budget.

A detailed analysis of this list showed that:

  • For 10 issues, the regions lack the necessary documentation (feasibility study, detailed design documentation);
  • For 5 issues, 20.2 billion tenge have already been allocated in RB;
  • 13 issues relating to 13 issues the possibility of allocating funds in the amount of 61.2 billion tenge will be considered when clarifying the republican budget for 2023
  • 14 issues are in the process of implementation by government agencies;
  • 18 issues are not supported by the state bodies in connection with the competence of the local executive body to address these issues;
  • 2 issues have already been executed by the state bodies.

Based on the above analysis, the central government agencies selected 6 issues that need to be addressed at central government level.

"By the results of the first half of 2022 14 issues required resolution at central level, of which 5 issues were executed, 6 issues were not supported by state bodies during discussions and 3 issues, having long-term nature of decision, are under execution," Kuantyrov added.

Last year, akims of all levels held 28,300 meetings, 63,000 issues were raised by the population, and 47,600 issues were solved, which is 75.5%.

The most effective regions are:

- Aktobe region with 94.7% of questions resolved (4,497 questions were raised and 4,259 questions resolved);

- Kostanay region with 93% of issues resolved (3,467 issues raised, 3,224 resolved)

- Almaty city with 92.8% of issues resolved (4,518 issues raised, 4,194 resolved).

Lowest rates:

- Almaty region with 28.5% of issues resolved (1,029 issues raised, 294 resolved);

- West-Kazakhstan region with 50.5% of issues resolved (3,751 issues raised, 1,895 resolved);

- Atyrau region with 54.5% of questions solved (2,808 questions raised, 1,533 solved);

In general, according to the Minister of National Economy, the new format of communication of akims is positively perceived by citizens and has a high relevance for responding to requests from the population.

He also noted an increase in the number and effectiveness of meetings of akims with the population. Thus, the number of meetings in the second half of the year increased by 2.3 times compared to the first half (1 half year - 8.5 thousand meetings). The organization of meetings has also improved. Akimats inform about upcoming meetings in advance, as well as monitoring of the media and social networks did not reveal significant violations in the organization of meetings.

In addition, active participation of citizens at the meetings was observed in some regions.

Head of the Ministry of Economy noted the positive experience of the "open microphone" principle applied by the Akimat of Almaty city during meetings with the population, and the Akimat of Shymkent city during receptions of citizens, which are held monthly with participation of all heads of the city Akimat and territorial divisions of state bodies.

In Almaty region, 1,161 meetings with the population were held in the second half of the year 2022. This was reported by the head of the region, Marat Sultangaziyev.

Thus, 10 meetings were held by regional akims, 386 meetings were held by district and municipal akims, and 765 meetings were held by rural district and village akims. A total of 94,113 people took part in the meetings. In total, 2,594 proposals from citizens were received.

"As a result of meetings of akims with the population a list of 1,029 problematic issues has been formed, which is now in the work. Of the total number of problematic issues in 2022, 37 have been implemented, 257 are in progress. The remaining 735 are in progress and will be solved step by step on the basis of priority," Sultangaziyev said.

In 2022, 9.1 billion tenge was allocated for this purpose from the budget. A total of 279 billion tenge is needed to solve the remaining problems.

Separate issues will be resolved as part of the implementation of national projects such as Healthy Nation, Comfortable School, Development of Agro-Industrial Complex and others.

In conclusion, the akim of Almaty region added that in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in agreement with the regional maslikhat a flexible calendar of regular meetings of the akim with the population in 2023 was approved.

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