New approaches to technological development considered in Government

The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov held a meeting of the Council for Technology Policy under the Government of Kazakhstan on Thursday, Oct 27.

The Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry Bagdat Mussin reported that based on the results of analysis of the annual global rating of the World Intellectual Property Organization, proposals were developed to improve the efficiency of the innovation ecosystem of Kazakhstan.

Thus, under the new approach, based on the experience of advanced countries and organizations, it is proposed to focus efforts on specific areas: the introduction of new technologies to improve the health care system to improve health and quality of life of citizens MedTech; development of production of environmentally friendly agricultural products AgriTech; development of green technologies, energy efficiency and energy saving GreenTech.

This approach will increase the efficiency of narrowly focused innovations and will have a positive multiplier effect on economic development in general.

The meeting also reviewed issues related to establishing industry-specific Technology Competence Centers (TCCs) to stimulate innovation activities in various economic sectors. In particular, the tasks of TCCs will include analysis of technological development of existing industries, monitoring of international trends, accumulation and dissemination of relevant knowledge and experience.

Prime Minister noted the need to analyze world experience in the creation and development of such centers.

"Competence center should be a kind of beacon for all enterprises of the industry. This means to analyze global trends and new promising technologies, in order to then disseminate best practices. The Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs should also contribute to this work: the business itself should suggest what it needs for development," Alikhan Smailov said.

Besides, the meeting considered launching the Innovation for Industry unified information system.

It will enable the monitoring of fulfillment of subsoil users' obligations to finance research and development work as well as to establish cooperation of industrial enterprises, investors, higher education institutions and research institutes. As a result, all this should help more active implementation of innovative technologies.

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