New mortgage program 9-20-25 to provide housing for more than 8,000 families per year — Alikhan Smailov

Answering questions of journalists after the Senate meeting, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov told about further implementation of state mortgage programs in Kazakhstan. 

Head of the Government emphasized that providing citizens with affordable housing, especially families with many children and families raising children with special needs, is one of the main priorities of the Government.

"Currently we are implementing such programs as "Bakytty Otbasy" (2-10-20) and "Shanyrak" (5-10-20). Over the past three years, about 43 thousand Kazakhstani families have improved their housing conditions through participation in these programs. We will continue their realization," Alikhan Smailov said. 

According to him, another popular product is the program "7-20-25". However, due to the limits on financing set by the National Bank, this program does not allow to cover the existing demand of the population. 

In this regard, Otbasy Bank and Baiterek Holding started to develop a new program "9-20-25". At the same time, budget funds will not be used for its implementation.

"We are now making calculations. It is planned to attract 150 billion tenge of extra-budgetary funds annually. It will allow to provide housing for additional 8 thousand families per year. Now the terms of the program are being worked out. It will be launched in the near future, it will take at least a month. It is expected to start next year," Alikhan Smailov said.

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