FDI in economy of Kazakhstan increased by 30.4% in first half of 2021

Following the results of the first half of 2021, foreign direct investment in the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan increased by 30.4% and amounted to $11.1 billion.

In terms of industries, the largest increase in foreign investment is noted in the manufacturing industry — by 57.2%, trade — by 45.8%, mining — by 27.1%, transport — by 20.4%.

An increase in capital inflows is observed across all major investing countries in the economy of Kazakhstan. Thus, the inflow of FDI from the Netherlands amounted to — $3.3 billion (an increase of 24.5%), the United States — $2.1 billion (an increase of 87.7%), Switzerland — $1.3 billion (an increase of 86.7%) , Russia — $704.9 million (an increase of 17.0%), China — $508.7 million (an increase of 63.7%), Belgium — $459.5 million (an increase of 4.3%), Turkey — $388.7 million (an increase of 79.9%), South Korea — $233.0 million (an increase of 33.1%).

In terms of regions, the greatest investment activity was shown by the Atyrau region — $3.6 billion (an increase of 15.4%), the city of Almaty — $3.0 billion (an increase of 26.3%), East Kazakhstan region — $1.3 billion (an increase of 72.8%).

Positive dynamics is also observed in Pavlodar region — $514 million (an increase of 21.7%), Kostanay region — $496.4 million (an increase of 2.2 times), Aktobe region — $410.1 million (an increase of 53.2%), Nur-Sultan — $308.6 million (an increase of 10.2%), Mangystau region — $302.9 million (an increase of 98.8%), the Turkistan region — $137.8 million (an increase of 85.1%), Shymkent — $64.1 million (an increase of 22.4%).

Attracting foreign capital and technologies to the country's economy is a priority task of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As part of the goal of further diversifying the national economy and increasing the sustainability of its growth, the Government is consistently working to bring the rate of inflow of foreign direct investment to $30 billion per year and to increase the level of investment in fixed assets to 30% of GDP by 2025.

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