Plan for revenues of local budgets exceeded by 315 billion tenge — Yerulan Zhamaubayev

According to the indicators for the execution of public finances for seven months of this year, the state budget received revenues in the amount of 5 trillion 832 billion tenge (the plan was fulfilled by 105.8%), the republican budget received revenues in the amount of 3.6 trillion tenge (the plan was fulfilled by 100.1%). This was reported by Minister of Finance Yerulan Zhamaubayev at the government session chaired by Prime Minister Askar Mamin.

In general, the income plan was exceeded by 4 billion tenge, of which taxes were not fulfilled by 3 billion tenge. At the same time, non-tax revenues were exceeded by 4 billion tenge, proceeds from the sale of fixed capital — by 3 billion tenge.

The main tax defaults are attributable to import VAT, CIT, ECD on crude oil and MET. The plan for VAT on imports was not fulfilled due to a decrease in the trade turnover of the Republic of Kazakhstan with third countries compared to the 1st half of 2020 by 1.7% or by $593 million.

Non-fulfillment of the tax plan was related to the decrease in pre-payments for January-June 2021 of 744 large taxpayers compared to the same period last year by 28%. The main reason for the non-fulfillment of the ETP plan for crude oil was the decline in crude oil production at the Tengiz field. Non-fulfillment of the plan for the severance tax is associated with a decrease in the rate for groundwater and a decrease in the volume of mineral extraction.

“Nevertheless, the plan was exceeded for VAT on TVPs due to an increase in sales turnover by 1.6 times. At the same time, the obligations to the business on VAT refunds are fulfilled in a timely manner, although the refund amount increased by 8.3%. The overfulfillment of the plan for non-tax revenues was mainly ensured by fines, penalties, sanctions and penalties imposed by government agencies,” Zhamaubayev said.

The plan for receipts from the sale of fixed capital was exceeded mainly due to an increase in receipts from the sale of material assets of the state material reserve through an auction. Last year, the bulk of material assets was transferred to the balance of other government agencies free of charge, i.e. material assets were not sold.

Local budget revenues were executed by 116.8% and amounted to 2 trillion 191 billion tenge. The plan was exceeded by 315 billion tenge, of which taxes — by 264 billion tenge. In all regions, income targets have been exceeded.

State budget expenditures were executed by 99.3%, republican — by 99.8%, local budgets — by 98.7%. Compared to the same period last year, the percentage of execution at all levels of budgets is higher.

On the republican budget, expenditures were made in the amount of 8.6 trillion tenge. Non-fulfillment amounted to 17 billion tenge, of which 5 billion tenge is savings. 12 billion tenge has not been disbursed.

According to the Minister of Finance, the largest amounts of non-utilization were formed in the ministries of labor and social protection of the population, health care, finance, emergency situations and ecology, geology and natural resources. The main reasons for failure to master: late submission of contracts for registration to the Treasury authorities, long-term approval of payment documents, untimely submission of acts of completion and invoices, lengthy competitive procedures, litigation.

Local budget expenditures amounted to 4.5 trillion tenge, not fulfilled by 58 billion tenge.

This year, the regions are provided with targeted transfers in the amount of 2.5 trillion tenge. As of Aug. 1, they were allocated 1 trillion 160 billion tenge, of which 98.2% were spent. Not executed — 21 billion tenge, including savings amounted to 3 billion tenge, not mastered — 18 billion tenge. The greatest undevelopment has developed in the city of Nur-Sultan, Kyzylorda, East Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan and Akmola regions.

“For 7 months of this year, cameral control covered 583 thousand public procurement procedures worth more than 4.9 trillion tenge. Based on the results of inspections, violations were found in 17 thousand procedures. The objects of the state audit executed 16.5 thousand notifications on the elimination of violations,” said the head of the Ministry of Finance.

1,978 audit activities were carried out. The audit covered 1 trillion 340 billion tenge of budgetary funds. Financial violations in the amount of 139 billion tenge were established. Violations for 90 billion tenge were eliminated by restoring the supply of goods, providing services and performing work, reimbursing to the budget and reflecting on accounting.

To improve and increase the efficiency of the audit objects, 1,775 recommendations for the management of state assets were given.

Comprehensive Privatization Plan for 2021-2025 implementation of 733 objects is provided. During the reporting period, 78 objects were sold and transferred to trust management with the right of subsequent redemption in the amount of 25 billion tenge. 70 objects are on sale, 5 objects are for liquidation, 520 objects are to be sold.

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