President’s Address: Mechanism for supporting civil initiatives in rural areas to be developed in Kazakhstan

At the government session chaired by Prime Minister Askar Mamin, measures to implement the Address of the President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to the people of Kazakhstan "Unity of People and Systemic Reforms — Solid Foundation for the Country's Prosperity" were considered. Vice Minister of Information and Social Development Serik Yegizbayev reported on the implementation of the instructions.

In the tasks set in the Address to the people of Kazakhstan by the Head of State through the Ministry, the following directions have been put into operation.

A mechanism is being developed to support civic initiatives in rural areas by simplifying the system of grant financing. To do this, within the framework of the bill on volunteering, which already this year. will be submitted to the Mazhilis, appropriate amendments will be envisaged.

1) The measures include the automation of grant financing processes, incl. for rural NGOs. The operator will independently collect the necessary documents through integration with various databases.

2) Reduction of the submitted documents for the participation of NGOs in the competition, the list will be reduced by 2 times (from 9 to 5 documents).

3) The reporting of NGOs to the operator will be simplified.

4) Mechanisms for increasing financing of rural NGOs from local budgets will be envisaged.

“To date, the bill has passed public discussion, coordination with government agencies and the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is under consideration in the Office of the Prime Minister. The adoption of the Law is expected in September 2022,” Yegizbayev said.

Also, the Head of State was instructed to amend the Concept of Family and Gender Policy.

The concept will be updated taking into account the requirements of the State Planning System, instructions from the President to ensure support for the economic and political positions of women in society, as well as improve the quality of family life, and protect motherhood and childhood.

“As for the issue of information support for the President's Address, operational expert support began immediately after the Address. More than 150 speakers and experts have already been involved, who explain to the population the main provisions of the Address. Further work will be carried out on an increasing basis, a separate media plan will be adopted," summed up Yegizbayev.

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