Government approves State Program of Healthcare Development for 2020-2025

At the Government session chaired by Prime Minister Askar Mamin, the results of the implementation of the Densaulyq State Healthcare Development Program for 2016-2019 and the program’s project for 2020-2025 were reviewed.

Minister of Healthcare Yelzhan Birtanov reported on the results achieved over the past period and the main directions of the new State program, Chairman of the Board of the National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Center Yuri Pya spoke about the position of the medical community.

For 3 years, about 513 billion tenge has been allocated for the implementation of the Densaulyq State Program. The main medical demographic indicators improved in the country, the average life expectancy reached 73 years.

The first President – Elbasy Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev gave specific instructions to improve the quality of medical care and increase the cost of primary health care up to 60%. The Head of the State Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich Tokayev instructed to take measures to prevent morbidity and promote a healthy lifestyle, to ensure the walking distance of medical facilities,” said Mamin.

The head of government emphasized that within the framework of the new State program, a public health service will be modernized to form a commitment to a healthy lifestyle among the population. It is supposed to expand measures to form a culture of a healthy lifestyle.

Measures will be taken to improve the quality of medical care, to complete the creation of a single digital healthcare space. To this end, financing of clinics and hospitals will be improved, based on stimulating the early detection of diseases,” said Mamin.

The prime minister noted that in all regions the development of centers of the best practices of primary medical care will continue, where new technologies of medical services are being introduced.

In order to improve the status of health workers, a national health workforce system will be created.

The salaries of doctors and nurses will increase on average by two times, measures of their social support will be strengthened, measures of professional responsibility will be increased. In general, the burden per doctor will decrease to OECD standards (1 doctor per 1,500 people),” said Mamin.

The head of government noted plans to radically improve the investment climate in the medical industry and introduce project management.

For the first time, 2.8 trillion tenge will be attracted to this industry, including 2.2 trillion private investments. At the expense of these funds, 431 healthcare facilities will be built, including 19 new multidisciplinary hospitals of international level with 10 thousand beds through PPP mechanisms. This will allow us to renew the bed fund by 50% and reduce the depreciation of the medical infrastructure from 56% to 38%,” Mamin said.

The prime minister stressed that the measures taken will improve the medical infrastructure in general, reduce the incidence rate and increase the average life expectancy of Kazakhstanis to 75 years in 2025.

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