Government reviews preparations for start of academic year

At the government session chaired by the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin, the preparation for the start of the academic year was reviewed.

Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aimagambetov, Minister of Healthcare Aleksey Tsoy, Akim of Mangystau region Serikbay Trumov and Akim of Turkistan region Umirzak Shukeyev presented their reports.

In the 2021-2022 academic year, more than 3.4 million people will study in 7,475 schools in Kazakhstan, incl. in the 1st grade — more than 380 thousand children. The study will be conducted in a traditional format. The accustomed teachers will be allowed to work. To date, 93.1% of teachers to be vaccinated and 88.4% of other employees of educational institutions have been vaccinated.

The Head of Government stressed the need to resolve in the shortest possible time all organizational issues to ensure the safety and health of students and teachers.

The ministries of education, healthcare and regional akimats were instructed to provide full-time education in the preschool and secondary education organizations, as well as colleges and universities in the new academic year. At the same time, clear recommendations for the implementation of full-time education should be communicated to each school.

The Prime Minister instructed until Aug. 25, 2021, to ensure 100% vaccination of teachers and technical personnel, with the exception of persons with medical contraindications, until Aug. 20, 2021, — to complete the acceptance of schools in accordance with sanitary requirements: quartzing, disinfection, mask mode, daily thermometry, etc.

For teachers, staff and parents in all educational institutions, the Ashyq system will be introduced.

The Head of Government gave instructions until Aug. 25, 2021, to ensure the full delivery of textbooks to schools, primarily in Pavlodar and Turkistan regions, where the solution to this issue is delayed.

Mamin pointed out the need to complete renovation work in those schools where there is a delay in schedule. It is noted that the largest number of schools with unfinished repairs is in Almaty (9), Kostanay (6) and West Kazakhstan (5) regions.

The Prime Minister instructed by August 25 of this year. ensure 100% readiness of educational facilities by the beginning of the school year, resolve all issues of child safety, organization of meals and transportation of children to school.

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