Government approves Action Plan for arrangement of Abay, Zhetisu and Ulytau regions

An Action Plan was approved for the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Certain Issues of the Administrative-Territorial Structure of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, which provides for the formation of the regions of Abay, Zhetisu and Ulytau.

The action plan includes measures to:

  • establish the boundaries of new areas;
  • create territorial bodies of central state bodies;
  • approve staffing limits for central and local executive bodies;
  • adopt a dividing balance on the budget between the newly created regions;
  • remove expenses for the clarification and formation of the republican budget within the framework of the formation of regions and others.

The adoption of the Plan will ensure the implementation of the necessary measures for the functioning of state bodies in the newly created and reorganized areas. The implementation of the project will not require financial outlays from the republican budget.

First Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar held a number of offsite meetings in new regional centers, during which the readiness and needs of the regions in acquiring, renting and repairing the necessary administrative buildings were assessed.

In general, the analysis showed that in the new regional centers there is a readiness for administrative buildings necessary for the placement and functioning of state bodies and employees.

Recall that on March 16, 2022, the Head of State at a joint meeting of the chambers of Parliament announced the creation of three new regions in Kazakhstan. As part of the implementation of the instructions of the Head of State, the Government Commission was created, which carried out large-scale work, including the organization of public hearings at the level of district and regional maslikhats, meetings of residents with local representative bodies, as well as a meeting of the republican onomastic commission.

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