Sixteen land plots allocated for construction of student dormitories in Nur-Sultan — Ministry of Education and Science

Currently, 17,636 dormitory places are needed in the city of Nur-Sultan (Astana). The Vice Minister of Education and Science Bibigul Assylova informed today during the press conference following the meeting of the Government.

Within the framework of the Five Social Initiatives of Elbasy, by the end of 2022, new student dormitories for 75 thousand places should be put into operation. Assylova informed that in the capital of Kazakhstan there are 16 plots allocated for the construction of student dormitories.

“Two design and estimate documentations have been developed, five are under development. Two contracts were concluded for 710 places and at the negotiation stage — 5 contracts for 4,964 places. Construction and assembly works of the KazGUU dormitory for 370 beds are underway, the college of management with 340 beds is also being reconstructed. This year they will be handed over,” Assylova informed.

Along with this, in the third quarter of 2019, three dormitories will be reconstructed. This is the College of Management, Astana Medical University, Gumilyov Eurasian National University.

As the vice minister stressed, the costs of maintenance and operation for all the dormitories, regardless of whether they are owned by the dormitory or built with the participation of PPP, are borne by the university or college.

“This is his direct costs. Expenditures for students do not exceed 10% of the size of the scholarship. This is a small minimum, somewhere around 10 thousand tenge, and on average the cost of living costs is up to 35 thousand tenge. This difference is paid by the universities themselves. It is their duty,” Assylova said.

However, she noted that in the case of participation in the construction of dormitories of investors, the contract will be concluded for 20 years without the right to change the target ownership of objects.

“As soon as a dormitory is built up, a charge is imposed on this object and only after the imposition of a charge for 20 years a contract is concluded and payments to investors are accordingly reimbursed. For 20 years, the investor has no right to change the purpose. If he changes his decision, the investor must reimburse the state all the funds that he paid for a certain period. This is provided for by the rules and regulations,” the vice minister explained.

Assylova also recalled that recently the basic requirements for investors, which will significantly reduce the cost of building facilities, have been reduced by 20%.

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