Scientific Council on Biosafety to be established in Kazakhstan

At a briefing in the government of Kazakhstan, Deputy Prime Minister Yeraly Tugzhanov said that today the country is taking steps to strengthen the sanitary-epidemiological system, the development of scientific research and pharmaceutical production. At the same time, issues of increasing the potential of medical personnel and their support are considered.

“The President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has set the task after this difficult period to review all issues related to the healthcare system, determine relevance and ensure preparedness for any situation. In this regard, the Scientific Council on Biosafety will be created under the Government,” said Tugzhanov.

In addition, the deputy prime minister noted that now it is necessary to gradually restore economic activity and create normal living conditions for citizens.

“Quarantine restrictions allowed each person to revise values ​​and increased responsibility for themselves and their loved ones. In our everyday life, compliance with hygiene, sanitary requirements and safety measures has become the norm. Despite the stabilization of the risk of the spread of coronavirus infection, it is still important to observe quarantine measures,” said the deputy prime minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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