For the first time in Kazakhstan, 29 student dormitories to be put into operation in one year — Bibigul Assylova

April 29 at a press conference following the meeting of the Government, Vice Minister of Education and Science Bibigul Assylova told about the ongoing work on the construction of student dormitories.

Assylova noted that 29 dormitories for 9,196 places will be commissioned in 2019.

“This has not happened in the entire history of our country. It was a targeted construction of dormitories, which went on for a long time. A maximum of 2-2.5 thousand places a year. The use of the mechanism of public-private partnership in the implementation of this project has shown its effectiveness,” said the vice minister.

At the same time, she stressed that before the start of the project, the entire need was analyzed by region. It currently stands at 91 thousand. Of these, 68 thousand — by universities, and 23 thousand — by colleges. The greatest need is in Almaty — 31 thousand places, Nur-Sultan — 17 thousand places, Shymkent — 8.4 thousand places. So, 29 projects that will be commissioned this year will be located in almost all regions.

As the vice minister noted, in general, the cost of the project is 152 billion tenge. To date, the project is fully funded.

“In 2019 the Ministry of Education and Science provided 1 billion tenge for the project implementation. In subsequent years, we have about 14 billion tenge. Considering that we have a three-year budget cycle, in principle we have all the financial calculations, there is a positive decision of the budget commission. In general, this project is financially secured. The total amount of financing will be 152 billion tenge,” Assylova informed.

Also, the vice minister commented on the issue of reducing the cost per bed. According to her, the state order for one bed is 122 MCI for the construction of the facility and 47 MCI for reconstruction.

“We were offered projects that are twice as expensive. There are educational institutions that offered us expensive projects. This was explained mainly by the expansion of technical conditions, the presence of separate rooms, etc. This mechanism cannot fully cover such expensive projects. Therefore, there is such a task to reduce unnecessary expensive projects,” said the vice minister.

To date, the Committee for Construction and Housing and Public Utilities of the MIID RK has approved three model projects for 120, 180, 240 seats. All projects are posted on the website of JSC "Financial Center.” The average cost of a dormitory for 500 beds under the contracts that have been concluded to date is about 800-900 thousand tenge.

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