Government session to be held Oct. 26 in Ukimet Uyi

Government session will be held 9 am Tuesday, Oct. 26 in Ukimet Uyi.

On the agenda of the meeting:

  • Sanitary and epidemiological situation.
  • Measures to ensure employment of the population.

The accreditation of journalists will be open until 2 pm on Oct. 25. The letter must be accompanied by an identity card, a vaccination passport, or a negative result of a PCR test valid for 72 hours.

Each media outlet can accredit: from a television channel –1 cameraman and 1 journalist, from a news agency –1 journalist, from a print publication – 1 journalist.

Watch the online broadcast on the website, Mail.KZ and portals, the official YouTube channel, on social networks Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte.

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