Implementation of President’s instructions: Kazakhstan plans to launch pilot national project "Modernization of rural healthcare"

During the extended government session on July 14, the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev set a number of important tasks for the Government for the near future. The Minister of Healthcare of Kazakhstan Azhar Giniyat reported on the measures for their implementation.

As the Head of State noted, there are problems in the field of maternal and child health that require immediate solutions.

According to the minister, in order to solve them, to provide comprehensive, highly specialized medical care to pregnant women and children, the ministry provides for the construction of 8 modern perinatal centers in the cities of Nur-Sultan, Kostanay, Zhezkazgan, Atyrau, Uralsk, Shymkent, Saryagash and Ordabasy district of the Turkestan region.

Local executive bodies need to provide current and major repairs, material and technical equipment, staffing of maternity hospitals, children's hospitals and maternity wards.

“In order to improve the health insurance system, we, together with the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Strategic Planning and Reforms, will analyze the results of the introduction of the compulsory social health insurance system and make proposals to improve the efficiency of its implementation,” Azhar Giniyat reported.

In addition, according to her, in order to enter the CSMI system, independent payers will introduce a mechanism for paying contributions for 12 months. This will allow wider involvement of the population in the system.

To improve the level of digitalization in the healthcare sector, a single operator for the maintenance and integration of digital healthcare facilities will be identified, a transition to the new eHealth healthcare ecosystem will be provided, and the integration of digital healthcare facilities will be implemented.

“In order to strengthen counteraction to the spread of coronavirus infection, we have revised the forecast matrix for the spread of coronavirus infection, taking into account the burden on the healthcare system, which will be presented at a meeting of the interdepartmental commission,” Giniyat said.

Along with this, according to her, in order to maintain collective protection and a stable epidemiological situation, revaccination will cover at least 65% of those previously vaccinated against CVI.

For the successful implementation of the pilot national project “Modernization of Rural Health Care”, by September of this year, all calculations of the material costs required for the construction of 620 primary health care facilities, as well as the organization of 32 multidisciplinary central district hospitals (MCRH), including: modernization of 12 operating and opening 20 new ICRD by re-equipping and carrying out major repairs, additional staffing with medical personnel with the opening of stroke and cardiology centers, departments of medical rehabilitation, traumatology, surgery, resuscitation and intensive care, emergency room with a triage system.

“The tasks set by the Head of State for the healthcare system will be implemented in full and within the specified time frame,” summed up Giniyat.

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