Implementation of President’s instructions: Phased licensing of kindergartens to be introduced in Kazakhstan

At the government session held in Ukimet Uyi, measures were considered to implement the instructions of the Head of State, given at an extended government session on July 14, 2022. The Minister of Education Askhat Aimagambetov reported on the systematic work to fulfill the instructions of the Head of State in the educational part.

Regarding the licensing of preschool organizations

According to the Minister Aimagambetov, since 2011, kindergartens have not received a license to start working, but only issue a notice of the start of work. Until 2021, they were completely exempt from state control and certification.

“The decision to release the license influenced the rapid development of the private sector, bringing the coverage of kindergartens to 99 percent. But it also had a negative impact on quality assurance. It's not a secret for anyone that recently there has been an increase in requests from parents about the work of some kindergartens. In this regard, in 2021, we reintroduced state control. Its results also indicate problems, 80% of kindergartens could not pass the control,” Aimagambetov explained.

In this regard, in order to ensure the safety of children, improve the quality of education, phased licensing of kindergartens is being introduced. Accordingly, newly opened kindergartens will now receive a license and start operating, showing that they meet all the requirements. And the kindergartens that are currently operating are licensed in stages based on a risk management system.

Children's rights

In general, in 2015-2021, the level of child suicide decreased by 13%. Based on the results of 6 months of this year. suicide rate among children and adolescents decreased by 38% compared to last year. According to the Minister of Education, this is still a very big problem.

As a result of educational work, the coverage of students with additional education by 18%, crime among children has also decreased. But, despite a significant decrease in delinquency among children, it is necessary to state an increase in the level of adult delinquency against children.

“Domestic violence against children has increased by 15%, in relation to sexual integrity - by 9%. To solve these problems, a comprehensive plan for ensuring the safety of children will be developed,” Aimagambetov assured.

Participation in the development of the national project "A Suitable School"

Currently, the deficit is 259 thousand student places. According to forecasts, by 2026 the demand for student places will increase to approximately 1 million 200 thousand. Therefore, on behalf of the Head of State, 277 schools were opened last year. This year it is planned to build another 225 schools. Then, over these two years, at least 326,000 new jobs will be created.

Aimagambetov noted that there are still problematic issues in the construction of schools. These issues will be addressed within the framework of the new national project "Comfortable School", implemented on behalf of the President.

First, the project will additionally build 582 new schools for 841,000 students.

Second, these schools apply a uniform standard of construction and supply with high quality.

Third, according to the estimate, the cost of laboratories, modern technology and educational equipment should be at least 16%.

“Useful learning areas will also increase in the new schools. For elementary grades, a separate block is considered. To provide teachers with new schools, 100,000 qualified personnel will be trained. Currently, land plots for the construction of 433 schools have been identified, akimats need to allocate another 155 land plots by the end of the year,” added Aimagambetov.

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