Charity action "Road to School" launched July 1 — Ministry of Education and Science

At the Government session chaired by the Prime Minister Askar Mamin, Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aimagambetov reported on measures to improve the well-being of Kazakhstanis and address social issues.

On the allocation of targeted grants

For university education, an additional 5 thousand targeted educational grants for children from large families and recipients of targeted social assistance will be allocated. Grants will be transferred to local executive bodies. Akimats, taking into account the needs of the region, will determine the list of demanded education areas.

Competition commissions will be created by regional akims, cities of republican significance and the capital. A prerequisite for participation in the competition is the presence of a threshold unified national testing score.

“Initially, there will be a republican competition for the main 53,785 grants. Applicants from the category of large families and assistance recipients who have not received grants based on the results of the main competition will be able to submit applications to local executive bodies to participate in the competition for additional targeted grants,” Aimagambetov said.

Applications for the competition for additional grants will be held from Aug.5 to 10, 2019. The grants will be awarded until Aug. 25. Lists of grant holders will be published by akimats in local media.

All grant holders will be awarded a scholarship of 20,949 tenge, as well as compensation for travel 2 times a year during the holidays (4 MCI) and the primary right to receive a place in a hostel.

On increasing scholarships for students of working qualifications

Since 2017, the project “Free Vocational Education for All” has been implemented. There are 122 thousand people studying in the colleges of working qualifications. As a social guarantee, one-time hot meals (350 tenge per day), payment for travel twice a year of 4 MCI (10,100 tenge) and a stipend of 16,759 tenge are provided.

About 70% of students in working qualifications are children from socially sensitive categories of the population. In general, to support students, the Head of State commissioned to increase the scholarship by 30%. Thus, in the new academic year, the size of the scholarship will be 21,787 tenge.

On searching for talented children and teenagers, their education and preparation for universities

At present, the database “Gifted Children of Kazakhstan” has been created, in which there is data of 26.5 thousand schoolchildren — winners and prize-winners of republican and international Olympiads and competitions of research projects.

In order to identify talents and expand the coverage of children from villages and small towns, the ministry, together with the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan, has developed a new concept of supporting gifted children. Special attention will be paid to children from schools in rural areas and small towns. The selection criteria will not be an assessment of theoretical knowledge, but logical thinking and practical skills.

On expanding the nationwide action "Road to School" through involving the public and sponsors

In 2019, the Ministry of Education and Science will take additional measures on the republican charity action “Road to School,” which has been held annually in all regions of the country since 2008.

"This year the action will be launched a month earlier, from July 1. In order to maximize the coverage of children in need of assistance, mobile points, as well as mobile groups with the involvement of volunteers will be organized,” said Aimagambetov.

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