School, clinic, corner shop — Serik Zhumangarin checks implementation of Social Wallet pilot

On November 9 this year Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan Serik Zhumangarin checked the progress of implementation of pilot digital services of the Social Wallet in the capital. 

In a pilot project of creation of digital tools of monetary and non-monetary state support of citizens through the Social Wallet in Astana school-lyceum №8 and outpatient clinic №10. Services "Provision of free, preferential hot meals in secondary schools", "Provision of medicines within the compulsory social medical insurance and a guaranteed volume of free medical care according to the recommendation (prescription) of a doctor" are tested.

There are 1,675 pupils in school №8, including 63 pupils of 5-11 grades from low-income families. During a visit to the school canteen, Serik Zhumangarin was shown the work of the demo version of the Social Wallet application.

After the project goes into commercial operation, parents of children who receive social support from the state will not have to write an application to receive a voucher for hot meals. They will receive an SMS notification on their mobile number, after which the Social Wallet will give them an opportunity to link their child's transport card and use it to receive a discounted lunch at school.

Serik Zhumangarin visited a  corner shop where the service "Purchase of goods at the expense of social benefits" was tested. It will allow recipients of targeted social assistance, including those allocated for the purchase of basic foodstuff, to purchase them in the shops with the help of QR-payment.

The Social Wallet will be integrated with information systems of the Ministry of Health on the basis of the city polyclinic №10 to which 83 thousand citizens are attached to receive medicines under the prescription of a doctor within obligatory medical insurance and guaranteed volume of free medical care.

The service is convenient in that a digital prescription for a medicinal product will go straight to the user-patient's phone. Health workers will not need to fill out documents manually, and the patient will not need to carry a paper prescription.

"I think that the mechanism of non-monetary types of social support is already quite clearly worked out, as for monetary ones, we will consider and propose different options, so they can be received not only by bank cards, but also on the Social Wallet. Moreover, a citizen will be able to see the whole course of accrual of funds within the framework of state support, for example, in targeted social assistance - the amount which accrues for purchase of socially important foodstuffs," Serik Zhumangarin summarized the results of the inspection. 

Step-by-step launch of digital services in the Social Wallet (vouchers for free and preferential hot meals in schools, delivery of medicines) is planned for early 2023. At the same time, work is being completed on making the relevant changes to the legal and regulatory framework.

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