Serik Zhumangarin discusses opportunities for agricultural enterprises development with Zhambyl region farmers

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Trade and Integration Serik Zhumangarin visited the enterprises, engaged in the food industry, and also discussed the production of agricultural products with farmers on Sept. 9 as part of a working visit to Zhambyl region.

The ECO-CHICKEN Chicken Production Enterprise , which has 12 farms with 20 thousand birds, produces 200-210 tons of chicken meat a year. There are 12 people providing all of this. Today the company has developed a project to build mini-poultry farms with subsequent consolidation into a cooperative. Each mini-farm is designed for 1,600 broilers and allows a net profit of 3.8 million tenge a year.

This year, Zhambyl region, where three-quarters of Kazakhstan's onions are grown, is expecting a good crop. The Samgau farm is planning to harvest 4,500 tons of onions this year, half a ton more than last year. The area of agricultural land of the farm is more than 470 hectares. It also employs 12 people. They came to a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister to learn about the work of the Government to stabilize prices and to identify problematic issues.

Serik Zhumangarin told about the new approaches that the Government is now implementing to support agricultural producers at the meeting. The financing schemes for producers of basic socially important foodstuffs, such as vegetables, dairy products, rice, flour, social bread, eggs, buckwheat, salt, beef, chicken meat, sunflower oil and sugar, are being reviewed within the available working capital.

"Our new approach is to work directly with producers," Serik Zhumangarin noted.

Yevgeny Trubnikov, the head of the Samgau farm, said that the main problem in stabilizing the prices of their products was a lack of working capital.

Minister of Trade and Integration Zhumangarin suggested considering the possibility of supplying produce to the western region of Kazakhstan for storage in vegetable storage facilities and sales to markets.

"We are ready to help develop a scheme for supplying onions to the western region of Kazakhstan and allocating working capital so that you could store and market onions in these areas in late winter and spring. You, in your turn, should stabilize the price so that it is lower in the off-season, without a drastic increase," Deputy Prime Minister suggested.

The Trade Committee of the Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan will work on this issue.

Residents of the region asked other questions at the meeting related to underestimated prices for milk collection by large producers, high prices for spare parts and other issues.

Serik Zhumangarin also visited the Greenwill greenhouse, which specializes in the cultivation of greens and fish farming. A unique technology, borrowed from South Korea, allows you to grow an organic product, greens, fertilized by fish waste. The visit ended with a visit to the enterprise Pervomayskiye Delikatessy LLP, engaged in the production and processing of meat products and employing more than 20 people.

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