Serik Zhumangarin proposes to develop new sugar production and sales schemes

Aug. 27, 2022, Acting Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Trade and Integration Serik Zhumangarin met with representatives of domestic sugar mills, industry associations, trade exchanges, traders and consultants to discuss and develop joint decisions on stabilization and growth rate of sugar and other food prices. 

Stabilization of the price and availability of sugar in the country was the main topic of the meeting.  As Aizhan Naurzgaliyeva, the President of the Kazakhstan Association of Sugar, Food and Processing Industry, noted at the meeting, the restrictive measures taken on sugar exports by the main exporting countries led to a rush in the domestic market, but as of today the situation has already stabilized.

"Together we will review and develop schemes of financing, organization of processing and sale of sugar, to ensure the factories with raw materials, and the country with this product at a stable price. I propose to do this in the coming days," Serik Zhumangarin suggested.

Participants of the meeting on sugar industry supported this proposal.

Also on this day Serik Zhumangarin held a session of meetings with representatives of the Meat Union, horticultural unions, grain processors, organic producers and other agricultural experts to discuss issues and opportunities for the development of other sectors of basic food production. Many proposals were heard from the participants and it was decided to hold additional meetings to elaborate each direction of production. 

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