Some key facilities in railway sector returned to state ownership

Issues of returning to state ownership of some enterprises in the field of railway transportation and healthcare were considered at the Demonopolization Commission chaired by Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov.

Thus, the Head of Government was presented a report on the progress of returning to state ownership of a number of railway infrastructure facilities, the transaction on the transfer of which in a competitive environment was recognized by the court as invalid.

In particular, the facts of embezzlement of entrusted property were established. As part of the criminal case, the investigating authorities arrested assets and transferred them to the management of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC until a final procedural decision is made. Security of the property complex has been ensured.

The Prime Minister instructed to intensify work on similar facilities in other regions of the republic, emphasizing the importance of preserving all technological processes and activities of employees of relevant enterprises.

The participants of the meeting also considered the issue of returning to the republican ownership of the organization, carrying out activities in the field of health care.

According to preliminary data, the private company, which took over the management of the asset, for a long time does not perform the functions of the main profile of activity and violates the terms of the agreed investment program.

As a result of the discussion it was decided to form an interdepartmental commission to check the efficiency of management. Based on its results, a decision will be made on the expediency of termination of the contract and return of the asset to state ownership.

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