Meeting on further development of mass sports in Kazakhstan: Yeraly Tugzhanov voiced several key tasks

Today Deputy Prime Minister Yeraly Tugzhanov held a special meeting on current problems and prospects for the development of mass and children's sports in the country.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Culture and Sports Aktoty Raimkulova, heads of sectoral ministries, regional akimats, etc.

In accordance with the instructions of the Head of State, the field of sports requires further reform.

In this regard, the Deputy Prime Minister set a number of key tasks for state bodies.

  • Increasing accessibility of mass and children's sports

It was instructed to revise target indicators on coverage of the population with achievement sports this year to at least 35% results (today — 31.6%).

To this end, the akimats were instructed to expand free sports sections for children by increasing the volume of state sports orders, opening additional children's and teenage clubs, children's and youth sports clubs, and resuming the work of school and student sports leagues.

Also, due to the absence of sports boarding schools in Kostanay, Atyrau and Mangystau regions, the akimats of these regions were instructed to resolve the issue of their construction.

  • Improving material and technical equipment of sports facilities

Akimats were instructed to complete the construction of 43 sports and recreation complexes, expand the network of Work-out sites and other low-cost sports facilities.

It was instructed to pay special attention to the full workload of sports facilities.

  • To take special control over the implementation of the Nur-Otan Party's Roadmap measures to double the salaries of teachers of specialized sports schools until 2023, to provide each rural district with a sports instructor by 2025
  • Taking into account the best international experience, it was instructed to revise the approaches to training professional athletes, incl. national teams and develop a special program to address the shortage of sports specialists for mass and professional sports (sports psychologists, biomechanics, biochemists, nutritionists, etc.)
  • To ensure tight control over the efficiency of spending budgetary and extra-budgetary funds allocated to sports
  • To revise the adopted Comprehensive Plan for development of physical education and mass sports until 2025, taking into account the new tasks facing the industry
  • To ensure the adoption of legislative amendments expanding the powers of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in terms of the development of mass and children's sports in the country.

The development of mass and children's sports will be under the special control of the government.

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