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Alikhan Smailov holds Board of Directors meeting of National Management Holding Baiterek JSC

On Thursday, November 23, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov held a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of JSC National Management Holding Baiterek.

Kazakhstani citizens to be able to conclude real estate sale and purchase transactions in online format

Issues of improving the quality of public services were considered in the Government session chaired by Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov.

Kazakhstan to accelerate 5G implementation and connect 2,000 rural schools to Starlink high-speed internet service

The issues of introduction of 5G technology and provision of schools in remote communities with high-speed Internet were discussed at a meeting in the Government under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov.

New digital systems for tracking medicines and unified waiting list for kindergartens to be launched in Kazakhstan in 2024

The information system for the control of medicines and the Unified database of kindergarten waiting lists will be launched in Kazakhstan next year. The corresponding digital solutions were presented to the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov at a meeting in the Government. 

Alikhan Smailov presents awards to Digital Bridge Awards winners

Digital Bridge 2023, the largest international technology forum in Central Asia, kicked off in Astana with the participation of heads of government agencies, national companies, businessmen and representatives of startups from Kazakhstan, as well as from near and far abroad.

Kazakhstan to be largest regional player in IT market

Astana Hub has become the only partner of Google for Startups in the Central Asian region. This was announced by the Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry Bagdat Mussin at the Government session, where the issues of implementation of priority directions of IT-industry development were considered. 

Kazakhstan plans to increase IT services exports to $1 bln by 2026

The issues of realization of new tasks within the framework of IT-industry development were considered at the Government session under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov.

Alikhan Smailov demands completion of all fields revision and taking measures against unscrupulous subsoil users by end of 2023

Measures to further develop the geological industry of Kazakhstan considered at the Government session  chaired by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov. 

School security and fight against Internet fraud: Alikhan Smailov familiarizes himself with police digitalization process

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov visited the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where he familiarized himself with the use of modern technologies for crime prevention and detection, the progress of digitalization of police work in general and measures to ensure the safety of schools on the threshold of the new school year.

Serik Zhumangarin offers Huawei to develop IT infrastructure and digitalization in Kazakhstan

Serik Zhumangarin visited the Huawei office later that day. In the demonstration hall of the company's office, the Kazakhstan delegation was presented digital solutions and results of AI implementation in the management of transportation, infrastructure of cities with millions of inhabitants, in the process of the full production cycle of the oil industry, from upstream to downstream, in coal mining, mining industry, port infrastructure and other industries.

Implementation of digital services for citizens and businesses discussed by Government

As part of the implementation of the Decree on debureaucratization of the state apparatus and the pre-election program of the Head of State, work continues on the introduction of digital services aimed at facilitating the life of citizens and businesses.

Over 10.2 thousand SME projects subsidized over 5 months of this year — Kuantyrov

The share of SMEs in the economy of Kazakhstan by 2030 will amount to 40%. This was announced by the Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alibek Kuantyrov at a meeting of the Government.

Farmers subsidies, digitalization of property owners associations and environmental control: new electronic platforms discussed by Government

A regular meeting of the Digitalization Commission was held in the Government under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov.

Digital initiatives of state bodies discussed by Government

Kazakhstan plans to launch a number of new digital services for citizens and businesses and modernize the architecture of e-government. These and other topics were considered at the meeting of the Digitalization Commission, chaired by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov.

eGov mobile to expand eDensaulyq medical data section

Digitalization of healthcare was discussed at a meeting with central and local executive bodies, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Altai Kulginov.