This approach unacceptable — Olzhas Bektenov on preparation of regions for flood season

The current flood situation, as well as measures to prepare for the spring season and possible emergencies discussed at the Government session of Kazakhstan.

Minister of Emergency Situations Chingis Arinov said that to date in the country is observed a stable flood situation. However, the agency together with regional akimats carried out the necessary set of measures to prepare for the flood period.

Thus, in the framework of the national command and post exercise "Koktem" verified the actual readiness of forces and means of management bodies. Notification of the population has been worked out, and assembly points for citizens have been prepared.

At the same time, temporary dams and bunds have been erected (114 kilometres), aryks and canals have been cleaned (1,900 kilometres) and culverts on roads and railways (5,000 units). More than 10.5 million cubic metres of snow were removed from settlements.

Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Yerlan Nysanbayev made a report on updated forecasts for spring, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Nurzhan Nurzhigitov made a report on the readiness of reservoirs to receive and accumulate flood waters, Minister of Transport Marat Karabayev made a report on the preparation of roads and railways.

Akims of East Kazakhstan, Aktobe and Atyrau regions also informed about the measures taken in anticipation of the flood season. 

As Prime Minister noted, earlier repeatedly given instructions on the need for quality implementation of all flood control measures in the regions. However, the relevant measures by state bodies and akimats have not been taken in full.

"As a result, 92 out of 218 measures have not been fulfilled so far. Such an approach to work is unacceptable. I instruct the Minister of Emergency Situations to make proposals on the responsibility of officials of central and local government agencies, who allowed the failure to implement the planned activities," Olzhas Bektenov said.

He emphasised that heavy snowfalls and rains have increased the likelihood of waterlogging this spring. At the same time, in some regions financial resources for snow removal are allocated only for large cities and regional centres. And in rural settlements the issue of snow removal remains open.

According to him, there are already facts of flooding of streets of settlements and overflow of roads in a number of regions. In general, the risks of flood complications concern 217 settlements of the country.

"Flood threats persist in the same towns and villages. For example, for 4 years the village of Karamyrza in Kostanay region was regularly subjected to waterlogging. In the current year, this threat to it persists. Villages Yagodnoye in Akmola region, Yekidin in Kostanay region, Oymauyt, Zharyk, Utek in Aktobe region are isolated every year due to flooding of roads going to them," Olzhas Bektenov said.

Head of the Government pointed out that a lot depends on the accurate work of akimats. In this regard, he demanded to ensure timely clearing of ditches, storm water drainage, erection of temporary dams and bunding of settlements.

"The Ministry of Emergency Situations annually checks the readiness for the flood period in the framework of the national command-staff exercise "Koktem". All regions report on full readiness for floods. But in the end - people suffered, flooded buildings and infrastructure. This shows that the exercises are conducted formally, and the readiness remains only on paper. We need effective measures," Olzhas Bektenov said, instructing to reconsider the format of the exercises.

Prime Minister obliged the Ministry for Emergency Situations together with Akimats to concentrate special and engineering equipment, to agree with businesses on the use of their equipment as a reserve, as well as to provide stocks of necessary materials near the most dangerous areas.

"It is necessary to determine in advance the settlements, transport communication with which may be interrupted, and prepare food and medicine stocks there," he said.

Olzhas Bektenov also demanded to start widespread informing the population about the rules of behaviour in case of threat, flooding and evacuation, to immediately respond to incoming appeals for help, as well as to carry out round-the-clock monitoring of the condition of roads and bridges.

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