Minister of Emergency Situations reported to Alikhan Smailov on flooding in Kazakhstan

Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov held a telephone conversation with the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Yuri Ilyin and akims of Aktobe region Ondasyn Urazalin, Pavlodar region – Abylkair Skakov, West Kazakhstan region – Gali Iskaliyev and North Kazakhstan region – Kumar Aksakalov. The minister and heads of regions reported on the flood situation in the country.

According to the Minister of Emergency Situations, today in Kazakhstan 227 settlements are at risk. Three reasons influenced the fact of flooding. These are untimely removal of snow, untreated ditches and melt water. Currently, the risk of flooding remains in the northern and western regions of the country.

In order to protect settlements from floods in 2017, a Roadmap for flood prevention measures for 2021-2023 was developed and approved.

As part of the Roadmap in 2021, out of 68 activities planned for implementation, 33 activities were completed and 4 were completed ahead of schedule.

In general, out of 1,010 flood-prone settlements across the country, the potential threat of flooding remains for 285. At the same time, the threat has been removed from 340 and minimized for 385 settlements. As of March 31 this year. snow cover area is 47%.

This year during the first wave of warming, the facts of flooding of 3 sections of roads in East Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan, Atyrau regions were recorded.

As a result of the second wave, due to heavy snowmelt, melt waters from the steppe fields flooded two residential buildings in the village Rozhdestvenka, Pavlodar region, 25 houses and 2 social facilities in the village Shalgyn of the West Kazakhstan region (the population was evacuated in the village of Koskol), 3 erosion of sections of roads in Aktobe and West Kazakhstan regions.

In turn, akims of the regions reported on the measures taken to restore the flooded territories.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan instructed to speed up the implementation of the Roadmap, promptly respond to incoming complaints, and remove all risks of possible flooding. Also pay special attention to the implementation of all measures to ensure the safety of citizens. The heads of the regions were instructed to take this issue under special control.

Recall that on Feb. 22, 2022, at the meeting of the Government, the measures of readiness of central and local executive bodies for the flood period were considered. The Prime Minister Smailov instructed the akimats to ensure the timely implementation of work on the removal of snow, including from rural settlements, the clearing of ditches, storm sewers, and the construction of temporary dams.

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