Government makes changes to mechanism of compensation for damage to SMEs

Government Commission on eliminating the consequences of the unrest in some regions of the country introduced changes to the mechanism for compensating for the material damage caused by the unrest to the small and medium-sized business.

In order to take into account as much as possible the characteristics of the affected SMEs and objective compensation for damage, the commission, together with NCE Atameken, analyzed the results of the initial consideration of applications by the regional commission of Almaty. In the course of the analysis, the need for additional adjustments was identified:

- the procedure for calculating the average monthly turnover was adjusted if a business entity has several objects;

- calculation for the difference between the amount of damage and the average monthly turnover was revised;

- when calculating the average monthly turnover, the actually worked months of 2021 will be taken into account;

- compensation for damage to pawnshops and exchange offices will be carried out only on the basis of a forensic examination;

- the procedure for making payments for the services of appraisal companies was clarified.

In order to take into account and compensate for the damage as much as possible, the akimats of the regions have been given the authority to consider applications from individuals whose property was damaged during the riots.

In accordance with the instructions of the Head of State, given during a meeting with business representatives on Jan. 21 2022, the Government is additionally working out measures of state support for large businesses.

We ask entrepreneurs to treat with understanding the objective difficulties associated with the unprecedented scale of the damage caused, the absence of the necessary documents from the majority of business entities, and the impossibility of determining the average damage. The goal of the Government is to quickly compensate for the damage in order to restore the activities of entrepreneurs.

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