Unreasonable increase in airfares to be eliminated in Kazakhstan

The measures to promote competition in transport, communications and the fuel and energy complex were considered at the meeting in the Government chaired by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov.

In the course of the meeting, the Chairman of the Agency for Protection and Development of Competition Marat Omarov voiced information on the state of competition in the key commodity markets in the basic sectors of the economy, joint work carried out with the Government and the need to develop draft decrees to promote competition.

It was noted that within the framework of civil aviation development the issues of providing all carriers with full access to "Opened sky" regime and development of competition in the aviation fuel supply market will be worked out. At the same time the system of dynamic pricing will be regulated and the concept of "fuel surcharge" will be excluded from the normative legal acts. This will eliminate the conditions for unreasonable increases in ticket prices.

In terms of the communications market it is planned to complete de-monopolization of Kazakhtelecom JSC group of companies, as well as to limit participation in auctions for providing frequencies in the 5G network of companies that already own them.

Within the framework of development of competition on the coal market it is planned to increase direct supplies of domestic coal to regional operators, to raise by 2024 the standard of exchange trading on it, as well as to expand the admission of alternative subsoil users to the market in general.

The Prime Minister stressed the need to take measures to prevent unjustified growth of prices for steam coal.

In addition, the measures to automate all processes in the wholesale distribution of petroleum products (online registration of applications by gas stations, etc.), to ensure the transparency of the procurement of the Single Power Purchaser, the development of private rail transport under the auspices of the national operator KTZ, as well as automation of planning and management of the transportation process were discussed at the meeting.

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