Responsible state body for unified control over food prices to be determined in Kazakhstan — Ministry of Trade and Integration

At the government session chaired by Prime Minister Askar Mamin, the measures to implement the Address of the Head of State to the people of Kazakhstan dated Sep. 1, 2021, were considered. Vice Minister of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yerzhan Kazanbayev reported on the main mechanisms for their implementation in the trade industry.

One of the important instructions given by the Head of State in the Address is to provide access for small agricultural producers, including personal subsidiary farms, to the system of wholesale distribution centers.

According to the vice minister, the main task of the department in this direction is to create an integral system of full-cycle infrastructure, from manufacturer to retail.

“In order to ensure free and competitive access to the wholesale distribution system for small producers and private household plots, within the framework of the PPP agreement between private and public partners, appropriate norms will be envisaged,” Kazanbayev said.

According to him, this will expand the sales market for agricultural products and create a separate economic cluster that will bring the producer closer to the consumer.

“In turn, free competition and the predicted level of tariffs for storage and distribution infrastructure will have a positive impact on the final price of food for our citizens,” Kazanbayev said.

Also, within the framework of the instructions of the Head of State in the country, the main responsible state body for unified control over food prices along the chain from producer to consumer will be determined, and a regulation for interaction of interested state bodies will be developed.

“To implement this task, the Ministry of Trade and Integration, together with the Ministry of National Economy and other interested bodies, will make proposals within a month to endow the Ministry with the functions of an authorized body for coordinating pricing and distribution of food products along the chain from producer to consumer,” Kazanbayev said.

Also, within a month, an appropriate regulation of interaction between sectoral government bodies and organizations will be developed.

“Our goal is to build a correct and effective system for monitoring and forecasting flows and prices for food products. This will allow the state to promptly and promptly respond to changes in market conditions and prices,” summed up Kazanbayev.

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