As part of execution of President’s instructions, Bagdat Mussin reported on implementation of Kaz-Nedra project

At the government session chaired by the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov, measures to implement the instructions of the Head of State given at the extended government session on July 14, 2022, were considered. A report on the topic was presented by the Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan Bagdat Mussin.

“As the Head of State noted, there are problems in some areas of digitalization. These are the geological base, relations between subsoil users and government agencies, geological information, healthcare and land issues. In this regard, the ministry, as a competent state body, will take control of the technical implementation of relevant projects in these areas,” the head of the Ministry of Digital Development began his report.

Bagdat Mussin informed about the upcoming Draft Law on which it is possible to sign a 3-year contract.

“Also, before the end of the year, we will reduce the time for creating information systems to 6 months. The cloud infrastructure, which provides additional resources to government agencies, will be launched in mid-2023. A digital strategy will be prepared and approved for each industry,” the Minister of Digitalization and Aerospace Industry emphasized.

During the meeting, Mussin also reported on the implementation of the Kaz-Nedra domestic electronic platform project.

At the moment, according to the minister, reengineering of 48 business processes has been carried out, which are at the stage of approval by industry-specific GOs.

“Having received the technical implementation in their hands, a number of modules, including a personal account, an interactive map, ordering licenses, etc., the services will be available until the end of this year. And the database of the Digital Subsoil Fund will be fully implemented in the first half of 2023,” said Bagdat Mussin.

In the digitalization of healthcare, the Minister of Digital Development announced the start of work on the transition to the new eHealth architecture eHealth.

“The creation of the core will make it possible to form a national health passport for citizens. When contacting a doctor, information on the patient will also be available to him. The main task is to unite the information systems of the Ministry of Health, its subordinate organizations and medical organizations,” emphasized the Minister of Digital Development Mussin.

The Ministry is also proposed to transfer all information systems that ensure the functioning of e-health to the RSE on the REM "Republican Center for e-Health" of the Ministry of Health, to determine it as a legal entity in the field of digital health, with the transfer to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Digital Development.

According to the department's plans to implement this project from a technical point of view. In 2022, 8 modules will be connected, and next year - 4 modules.

“On the Smart Data Ukimet platform, from 20 databases of various government agencies, we update information on the well-being of all families in Kazakhstan every day. Such a detailed portrait of a family by 80 indicators allows us to identify problems in every family in Kazakhstan and gives an understanding of how the state should help them now, without the need to submit applications,” Bagdat Mussin said about the introduction of a digital family card.

At the moment, the Department is working to prepare for piloting - the provision of targeted social assistance, the payment of childbirth allowances and childcare allowances until they reach the age of 1 year through the Social Wallet.

“All state support measures will be stored in this social wallet. This project will be launched before the end of the year,” said Mussin.

During the report, the head of the Ministry of Digital Development also touched upon the reform of the Zerde holding.

Thus, the reform of the Zerde group was launched in the first half of this year. In particular, the functions of the system integrator were transferred to the Digital Government Support Center RSE.

“In order to create a single ecosystem for the development of innovations, it is proposed to unite ACF PIT, Astana Hub and JSC National Innovation Development Agency QazInnovations into one organization. As a further measure, it is proposed to liquidate the Zerde holding with the transfer of NIT JSC directly to the jurisdiction of the Ministry,” the minister emphasized.

During this process, the relevant materials on the implementation of projects by the Holding will be reviewed and studied by the competent authorities.

“The Accounts Committee indicated the need for a Holding structure only for these three assets. As a result of the proposed measures, a positive effect will be achieved in the form of eliminating unnecessary management links, saving money and establishing specific responsibilities,” summed up the Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan Bagdat Mussin.

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