All destroyed houses to be restored — Berdibek Saparbayev

No recorded violations of law and order took place last night in the Korday district of the Zhambyl region. The situation has stabilized, the life of the villagers is returning to normal.

The second day of the Government Commission’s work began with a detour of villages and border checkpoints.

There are practically no people at the Karasu border post, people arriving from Kyrgyzstan are lined up at the Aukhatta checkpoint. These are Kazakhstani people who left for the neighboring republic on the eve and are returning to their homes. Among them are many women and children.

Berdibek Saparbayev appealed to compatriots with a request to remain calm and not succumb to provocations.

“We ask you not to respond to provocation. All the houses that were destroyed, we will restore them, we will help the families. Our experts are working, assessing the damage. Once again, we appeal to everyone, tell your relatives who have left, who are now in Kyrgyzstan with their relatives — they should return,” Saparbayev told the audience at the checkpoint.

Saparbayev assured that the situation in the region has stabilized.

“On behalf of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, a special Government Commission arrived, composed of the heads of state and law enforcement agencies. Over the past day, no incidents or offenses were noted. The situation has returned to normal. Law enforcement forces ensured order and security. Once again I ask you not to succumb to provocations,” Saparbayev emphasized.

It is worth noting that returning Kazakhstanis cross the border in a simplified mode.

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