Addressing several issues of scientific activity proposed in draft law "On Science and Technology Policy"

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education carries out systematic work within the framework of the main tasks on the development and commercialization of science, as well as the implementation of the instructions of the Head of State. This was reported by the head of the department Sayasat Nurbek during the Government session under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov. 

The Minister reminded that in the pre-election program of the President talks about creating conditions for increasing funding for applied science, commercialization of the results of scientific and scientific-technical activities by allocating annual grants, the formation and development of specialized engineering centers, science and technology parks at leading universities and large enterprises, the adoption of a new law "On Science and Technology Policy".

In this regard, the Concept of Science and Higher Education Development for 2023-2029 has been developed and is being implemented. Five main directions have been defined. 

"The total budget of science for 2023-2025 in comparison with the previous three-year period for 2020-2022 increased by 3.3 times and amounted to 643 billion tenge. As a result of competitions of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education are implemented 1981 projects on grant financing and on program-targeted financing - 161 scientific and technical programs for scientific research. The bill with system mechanisms is under consideration of the Majilis," the speaker said.

One of the measures to stimulate the commercialization of Russian science and technology research is the provision of grant funding for these purposes. The total contribution of the projects of the competitions in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2022 to the scientific and technological development of the country amounted to 68.6 billion tenge, including sales, co-financing, tax payments, purchased equipment and paid royalties. For 2023-2025, 62.1 billion tenge has been allocated. 

Sayasat Nurbek voiced the results of the work done by his colleagues. For example, the Institute of Metallurgy and Enrichment of the Kazakh National Research Technical University named after Satpayev developed a technology for refining of rough selenium. The resulting product contains more than 99.5% of the main component. Scientists of A. Saginov Karaganda Technical University proposed the composition of anti-corrosion coating "Saktau". The main feature of the coating is the controlled release of the active substance and the ability to self-regeneration, which provides increased resistance and durability of the coating. Domestic biologist Dos Sarbasov is working on the project "Development of domestic anticancer drug D-VC". 15 patients at the Institute of Oncology and Radiology in Almaty are now undergoing the first stage of treatment. East Kazakhstan Technical University named after D. Serikbayev has created a project "Development of domestic anti-cancer drug D-VC". D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan Technical University has created a research and production base on its site, and the technology of manufacturing more than 20 types of various implants has been worked out. The Institute of Nuclear Physics has developed an aqueous solution of cobalt-57. It can be used as an indicator for special radioactive preparations for medical purposes. Data from sales under the projects of commercialization of Russian Science and Technology Development Projects are also given.

Within the framework of program-targeted financing, universities will be operating: 

  • Construction-technical Engineering Center on rendering full cycle of accredited services of construction, road-building sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan (ENU)
  • Intersectoral scientific-production ecological complex on development and industrial realization of new effective technologies of processing of technogenic wastes of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Innovative engineering center of energy generating technologies for mining and metallurgical complex (KazNITU)
  • Scientific and Technological Park in the sphere of agro-industrial complex (KazATU)

It is planned to open 7 more specialized engineering centers, science and technology parks. 

"In realization of the order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we are working on opening branches of leading foreign universities. This measure contributes to the development of science and innovation, economy in the regions of the country," the head of the Ministry of Education and Science emphasized. 

Sayasat Nurbek dwelled on the main objectives of the Bill "On Science and Technology Policy". This is the development of science and the realization of technological policy to implement the results of scientific achievements to ensure the competitiveness of the country, inter-sectoral coordination of scientific, scientific-technical and innovation activities. The bill aims to address strategic, professional and social issues of scientific activity by eliminating legal gaps, creating conditions in the training of scientific personnel, realization of guarantees of social protection of scientific worker, introduction of corporate governance and others. 

According to Kamil Akatov, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation of Science, there is a stable funding for the commercialization of the results of scientific and scientific-technical activity with an annual increase. Since 2022, the Fund's work on the commercialization competition has been systematically built, which is held annually with positive dynamics. A specialized National Scientific Council on commercialization was established, which includes 50% of representatives of the business community. In December 2023, the next competition for grant funding for 2024-2026 is announced.

"To date, 196 applications have already been submitted. The grant amount for these competitions is up to 350 million tenge per project. Based on practical experience, additions have been made to the requirements to improve the quality of applications. For the first time, appropriate methods for determining the level of readiness and TRL technologies from the sixth level and above have been introduced into the requirements. In order to reduce risks and confirm the commercial attractiveness of projects, the amount of co-financing has been increased from 20% to 35% of the total amount of the grant, depending on the chosen mechanism of implementation," the speaker said. 

To improve the efficiency of the process of commercialization of innovations, the requirements for the results of projects have been tightened. The amount of income in the course of project implementation should be at least 15% of the total amount of the grant. 

"With the adoption of the Law on commercialization of RNSTD by the Foundation of Science held a number of competitions for grant funding of commercialization projects, which shows the presence of a high system demand for the product on the part of grantees. The best projects are carefully selected through the funnel. There are already the first champions: 5 projects have exceeded sales for 1 billion tenge," Akatov noted. 

The total contribution of the projects of the four competitions to the scientific and technological development of the country amounted to 68.6 billion tenge. Total income from sales of knowledge-intensive products amounted to 32.4 billion tenge. 1.6 thousand jobs were created. More than 7.1 billion tenge was paid to the budget in the form of tax payments. 9.1 billion tenge of private co-financing was attracted. 

The head of the Science Foundation stressed that their current activities are aimed at three main functions: operator of grant funding for commercialization of Russian science and technology, assistance in the integration of science and business, and the National Coordination Center for EU programs. 

As part of the transformation of the Science Fund, it is envisaged to expand the range of functions to include international cooperation. In addition, funding instruments will be introduced, including venture capital, private equity and others.

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