Alikhan Smailov gets acquainted with MAEC preparation for heating season

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov arrived on a working trip to Mangystau region, where he familiarized himself with the progress of modernization of Caspiy desalination plant and preparation of MAEC for the upcoming heating season.

General Director of MAEC LLP Zhasulan Suyunchaliyev reported to the Prime Minister on the current preparation of the enterprise and plans for its further modernization. MAEC is a single energy and water producing complex, the main task of which is to provide Mangystau region and Atyrau region (partially) with electricity, Aktau city with heat energy, potable, hot and technical water. Wear and tear of the main equipment here is more than 80%, which leads to emergency situations. 

In the current year at the expense of the enterprise's own funds the overhaul of turbine units, boiler units and auxiliary equipment is underway. From the reserve of the akimat of Mangystau region 2.6 billion tenge has been allocated to replace the most worn-out equipment. In addition, on the instructions of the Prime Minister, another 4.9 billion tenge was allocated from the reserve of the Government of Kazakhstan for the purchase of new equipment and components. Currently, contracts with equipment suppliers have been signed, expected delivery date is November-December of this year.

Alikhan Smailov was informed that due to significant wear and tear of TPP equipment it is planned to overhaul power unit №3 with partial modernization in 2024. Overhaul with full modernization of power unit №2 in 2025 and power unit №1 in 2026 is also planned. At the place of unfinished construction in the main building of the TPP it is planned to build power unit №4, for which all necessary engineering communications are available. The implementation period is the 4th quarter of 2027. In general, due to modernization of the existing power units and construction of a new one, generation is expected to increase by 420 MW in total. 

At the same time, today technical documents are ready and positive conclusions of the State Expert Review Board have been received for such projects as construction of two hot-water boilers and modernization of boiler unit №7 at CHPP-1, modernization of boiler unit №10 and reconstruction of turbine unit №7 at CHPP-2 with replacement by a condensing turbine. Competitive procedures for the development of design and estimate documentation are currently under way. 

Prime Minister emphasized that the replacement of the equipment, which is in emergency condition, will improve the technical condition and operability of the plant. Accordingly, the risks of shutdown of generating capacities and introduction of restrictions for consumers will be minimized.

"Akimat of the region needs to ensure control over the timely completion of repair work," he pointed out. 

Then the director of Desalination Plant "Caspian" LLP Nurlybay Akkulov reported to the head of the Government on the work to increase its capacity up to 40 thousand cubic meters per day. 

More than 12 billion tenge has been allocated from the state budget for the modernization of the facility, and from the reserve of the Government additionally more than 5 billion tenge. Currently, construction work on the project is 90% complete. Thus, new pump units, preliminary water filters, filters-conditioners for water mineralization, mixing chambers, power lines and transformer substations have been installed at the plant.

Alikhan Smailov noted that the plant is the main source of drinking water for settlements of Munayli and Karakiyan districts. Now its capacity is 20 thousand cubic meters per day. It provides water to more than 180,000 people.

"Taking into account the annual population growth and development of the tourist cluster on the Caspian Sea coast, there was a need to increase the production of drinking water. In this regard, the President instructed to implement a project to expand the desalination plant "Caspiy". The Government has provided the necessary financial support. Akimat of the region needs to complete this project by the end of the year so that people would be provided with water supply in full," Prime Minister said.

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