Deputy Head of Staff Kanat Bozumbayev examines Karaganda region flood situation

The flood situation in Karaganda region was inspected by Deputy Prime Minister – Deputy Head of the Republican Headquarters for coordination of flood control measures and elimination of consequences of the flood period Kanat Bozumbayev and Minister for Emergency Situations Chingis Arinov. 

The Deputy Prime Minister and the head of the Ministry for Emergency Situations flew over the river basins of Karaganda region and familiarised themselves with the situation in the region. The situation is recognised as difficult: the second wave of flood is predicted in the region. 40 per cent of the territories of Nura, Osakarovsky districts and the northern part of Aktogay are covered with snow. To prevent emergencies in flood-prone areas additional forces and means of civil protection services have been redeployed. All necessary works are carried out, dams are strengthened, local bodies and services are provided with equipment. 

Deputy Head of the Headquarters familiarised himself with the situation in Shet district, where a state of emergency has been declared. In four villages - Kayrakty, Aksu, Krasnaya Polyana, Deripsal - 40 houses were flooded, 292 people were evacuated, including 114 children. Currently, the situation is stabilising, and some residents have already returned to their homes. 

Kanat Bozumbayev was reported on the measures taken, which helped to avoid more severe consequences of the flood. According to the Department of Emergency Situations, the most difficult situation was on 29-30 March. Now the reservoirs are operating in peak, forced mode. 

"In the upper reaches of the Nura and Sherubai-Nura, active melting processes have actually stopped. The snow cover is insignificant. On the tributaries of active water inflow into the bed of the Nura River is not noted. In the territories of Karkarala and Bukhar-Zhyrau districts, the flood peak, we can say, has passed," Murat Katpanov, head of the Emergency Situations Department of the region reported.

During the meeting with the affected villagers of Shet district, the Deputy Head of Staff emphasised that all the damage caused by the disaster will be assessed by the Commission and fully compensated. 

"The Head of State has instructed to minimise the damage caused by the current floods and protect the population first of all. The Commission will inspect all houses. Assistance will be provided, property will be restored and compensated. If the houses are found unsuitable, new ones will be built or other housing will be purchased on the secondary market," Kanat Bozumbayev explained to the villagers. 

Today, the Nura River basin is in the area of close attention of the Headquarters. Akimat of the region is taking preventive measures to prevent flooding of settlements. In turn, the Government will provide all necessary assistance. 

Akims of Akmola region and Astana city were instructed to prepare forces and means of flood defence in Arshalyn and Tselinograd districts.

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