Yeraly Tugzhanov visits House of Social Services in Almaty

During a working trip to Almaty, Yeraly Tugzhanov visited the House of Social Services.

The peculiarity of the House is that in one building you can get more than 700 services on the principle of "one window". So, 11 organizations are located here, including the Department of Housing Policy, the Center for Employment of the Population, the Public Service Center and others.

Residents of the city can also receive free legal advice and psychological assistance at the House of Social Services. In general, 300-500 citizens apply here for public services every day.

“The complex of guaranteed social assistance, state and social services at the level of each territorial unit should be verified and targeted. The efficiency of the work of local executive and central state bodies depends on this,” the Deputy Prime Minister noted.

He also stressed that social support and improving the quality of life of the population are one of the main directions of state policy and one of the primary tasks of the Government.

For reference: since the beginning of this year, the House of Social Services has provided 58,755 services, of which:

  • Employment center — 23,678 services (40%);
  • Municipal Infrastructure Development Department — 24,116 (41%);
  • Office of Employment and Social Programs — 1,890 (3%);
  • UAPF — 3,494 (6%);
  • Qolday Center for Entrepreneurship — 1,004 (2%);
  • JSC Otbasy Bank — 2,672 (5%);
  • NAO SC Government for Citizens — 1,898 (3%).

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