Yeraly Tugzhanov participates in opening of innovative school in Nur-Sultan

Today Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yeraly Tugzhanov took part in the opening of an innovative secondary school in the capital, integrated according to the BINOM School system. This is a new brand for the introduction of advanced techniques in the Kazakhstani general educational process, providing free training that meets international standards.

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of government agencies, the leadership of Nur-Sultan and investors represented by Aidyn Rakhimbayev, the head of the BI Group construction holding.

It is worth noting that the first BINOM school accepted students from the capital on Sep. 1. Three more facilities — in the area of ​​Baitursynov Street (SARYARQA), LCD Capital Park (TANYM) and in the Zhagalau microdistrict (TURAN) will begin their work from the third quarter of next year. Each educational institution is designed for 4,000 children studying in two shifts. Thus, thanks to the opening of the BINOM School network, 16 thousand schoolchildren of Nur-Sultan will be provided with new educational places.

As Vice Premier Tugzhanov noted, this project carries a very important social and educational function in addressing issues related to the shortage of student places.

“The BINOM project is aimed at solving problematic issues related to three-shift training and emergency schools. The construction of 6 similar schools in Nur-Sultan solves the problem of overcrowding of 15 schools. But the most important thing is that there is a powerful educational base that meets international standards,” Tugzhanov said.

In turn, the akim of Nur-Sultan informed about plans to provide the capital with new educational institutions.

“Within the framework of the Comprehensive City Development Plan, the construction of about 70 schools is planned for a 5-year period. Educational institutions will be built in all districts of the city, including in residential areas,” Altay Kulginov said.

“Schools of the BINOM School format on the principles of public-private partnership will be built throughout Kazakhstan,” said Rakhimbayev, Chair of the Board of Directors of BI Group.

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