Infrastructure to be developed ahead of schedule: Olzhas Bektenov checks Astana's life support systems work

Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Olzhas Bektenov made a working tour of a number of infrastructure, social and sports facilities of Astana.

Head of the Government familiarised himself with the work of a new pumping and filtering station number 3 in the residential area "International" with a capacity of 105 thousand m3/day. Its launch has allowed to fully cover the needs of the capital in drinking water.

"Last year there were problems with water. On the instructions of the Head of State, measures were taken and a capacity reserve was provided until 2027. Engineering infrastructure should always be developed ahead of schedule. Problems should not be allowed," Olzhas Bektenov said.

In addition, the development of projects for the construction of a 200-km-long water pipeline directly from the Kanysh Satpayev Canal and pumping and filtering station No. 4 with a capacity of 210,000 m3/day has begun. This will cover the needs of the capital until 2035.

Here Prime Minister was also informed about the development of other life support systems of Astana. Thus, with the support of the Government the construction of a number of new facilities has been completed. Today the heat capacity of the city has been increased by 30% due to the commissioning of the first stage of CHP-3, two gas-fired heat stations "Turan" and "South-East" with a capacity of 1100 Gcal/hour.

In general, the total available capacity of Astana's energy sources is over 3.7 thousand Gcal/hour. The maximum consumption of the city in the current heating season was about 3 thousand Gcal/hour. Thus, the surplus reaches almost 700 Gcal/hour, which allows to cover the needs of the city until 2027.

At the same time in 2024 it is planned to fully complete the second stage of GTS "Turan", the first stage of GTS "Telmana" and the coal part of CHPP-3, to start the expansion of CHPP-2 and to start the design of GTS "South-West". Realisation of all these projects will make it possible to obtain a heat reserve until 2035.

The work on gasification of the capital is also continuing. To date, more than 12.5 thousand subscribers in 13 residential areas have been provided with access to gas. Two automated gas distribution stations with a capacity of 460 thousand m3/hour are currently in operation. At the same time, taking into account the launch of new energy sources and consumption growth, this year it is planned to start construction of a new AGDS-3 with a capacity of 350 thousand m3/hour with a completion date in 2025.

In addition, the head of the Government was informed about the work to strengthen the electricity and water supply systems of the capital, plans to reconstruct roads and modernise the storm water drainage system.

Olzhas Bektenov also familiarised himself with the construction of a comfortable school for 2 thousand seats on Tole Bi Street. Its opening is scheduled for August this year. 

The national project "Comfortable School" is being implemented on behalf of the Head of State Kasym-Jomart Tokayev. It is planned to introduce 369 comfortable schools for 740 thousand pupils in the republic in 2024-2025, including 217 schools this year. Their construction is carried out according to a unified standard. At the same time, 163 schools will be built in rural areas.

Olzhas Bektenov emphasised the importance of active use of construction materials and furniture of domestic production in these works.

Prime Minister also inspected the progress of repair work on the territory of the Palace of Independence and hippodrome "Kazanat", which will be used during the SCO and World Nomad Games.

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