Three hundred people to be selected for Presidential Youth Personnel Reserve — Agency for Civil Service Affairs

In an interview for, Deputy Chairman of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs Marat Daueshov said that after the formation of the Presidential Youth Personnel Reserve, selected participants will participate in a training program.

According to Daueshov, after selection for the reserve on the basis of a detailed profile of the applicants, their abilities, skills and potential, before they are appointed to the post, training under specially designed programs is provided.

“We will recruit 300 people who will be in reserve, and with whom we will carry out certain work. We will train them, send them to trainings. The programs 'Leader of the New Formation,' etc. will be developed at the Academy of Public Administration,” the deputy chairman said.

Programs will be individual, taking into account the recommendations of experts based on the selection results. They will be focused on inculcating additional necessary knowledge for work, building up the competencies of reservists for working with the public, including public speaking, the ability to work in limited conditions, and much more.

Alsoб Daueshov called on all graduates and holders of the Bolashak international scholarship to take part in the selection for the Presidential Youth Personnel Reserve.

“I would like to appeal to all the ‘Bolashakers,’ who have been trained and who are currently studying, take an active part, go through all the selection procedures and join the personnel reserve,” M. Daueshov said.

The deputy chairman explained how reservists would be appointed.

“Of course, it is impossible to appoint everyone to the posts. It all depends on the vacancies in the public service. Admission to the personnel reserve is not a guarantee of subsequent admission to the position,” Daueshov said.

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