Eradicating everyday corruption and getting public services — Antikor Ortalygy service center presented in the capital

In the framework of the implementation of the concept of the Hearing State, the Deputy Prime Minister Yeraly Tugzhanov was presented the work of the Anticor Ortalygy service center under the Capital’s Anti-Corruption Department. The event was attended by the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Birzhan Nurymbetov, Deputy Akim of Nur-Sultan Bakhtiyar Maken and Chair of the Anti-Corruption Agency of Kazakhstan Alik Shpekbayev. 

The center's activities are built as a platform for interaction of the Anti-Corruption Service with the public and providing effective feedback with the population. Visiting the offices of the department employees, the walls in which are transparent, the guests noticed that this approach creates a favorable atmosphere of transparency and trust. 

The guests were presented with the initiatives implemented within the framework of the Astana - Adaldyk Alany project, the main goal of which is to eradicate everyday corruption, create comfortable conditions for obtaining public services and ensure the effective implementation of public control instruments. 

The project "Interactive map of open budgets" was also presented, which provides the possibility of online public control over the spending of budgetary funds of state institutions. 

Employees of the Department spoke about the work of the studio of briefings and live broadcasts Antikor.Live, which made it possible to promptly interact with the population under quarantine conditions.

The head of the information and educational headquarters of the anti-corruption service, Yrza Tursynzada, shared information on the work carried out by the headquarters to form an anti-corruption worldview in society, instill the principles of integrity and honesty.

Following the meeting, Yeraly Tugzhanov positively assessed the work of the anti-corruption department in ensuring openness and transparency, as well as constructive cooperation with society. 

According to him, this experience should be widely covered on various information platforms and implemented in the work of other state bodies.

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