New housing, modernization of roads and major railway projects: Alikhan Smailov outlines Government infrastructure plans

On the measures of the Government to modernize housing, transport and tourism infrastructure said Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov at the meeting on social and economic development of the country, chaired by the Head of State.

According to Alikhan Smailov, in order to improve the living standards of Kazakhstanis, 111 million square meters of housing is to be constructed from all sources by 2029, including 15.3 million square meters in 2023. At the same time this year 5,000 km of engineering networks will be modernized and the new Building Code is expected to be introduced to the Majilis.

In terms of transport infrastructure, it is planned to modernize all national and 95% of local roads by 2025. This year 3.6 thousand km of roads will be covered by construction and reconstruction with the commissioning of 856 km.

The Prime Minister reminded that in November last year the construction of the second tracks on the railway section Dostyk – Moyinty began. However, by the end of June will be completed development of technical documentation for the project Darbaza - Maktaaral, Bakhty – Ayagoz and bypass around Almaty.

According to Smailov, work on development of the Trans-Caspian international transport route is also conducted. Last year, the volume of cargo transported along it doubled, reaching 1.7 million tons. At that, thanks to implementation of road maps signed with Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia, in the current year 2 million tons of cargoes will be transported through the TMTM, and by 2025 the throughput capacity of the route will reach 10 million tons.

More than 100 investment projects worth 290 billion tenge will be implemented in the tourism sector, which will create 5.7 thousand new jobs.

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