Olzhas Bektenov visits some key industrial enterprises of Karaganda region

The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Olzhas Bektenov made a working trip to Karaganda region, within the framework of which he visited a number of key production enterprises and familiarized himself with current problematic issues of the industrial sector. 

Akim of the region Yermaganbet Bulekpayev informed the head of the Government that the region has formed a pool of 61 investment projects for 1.5 trillion tenge with the creation of over 14 thousand jobs. Most of them are in mining, metallurgy and construction. 

In 2024, it is planned to implement 10 investment projects worth 252 billion tenge. In particular, new production facilities for cathode copper, silicon alloys, wind power towers, galvanized metal products, etc. are to be opened. Production of trucks will be launched in Saran.

During his visit to the special economic zone "Saryarka" Olzhas Bektenov familiarized himself with the activities of the cartridge factory "Steel Manufacturing". This year it is planned to complete commissioning of the rifle line here, and it is also expected to launch serial production of cartridges of various calibers.

Kazakhstan Cartridge Plant is a unique enterprise. There is a high level of safety and automation, almost all processes of cartridge assembly are carried out without human participation. Previously, Kazakhstan did not have its own production of small arms ammunition, and all the country's needs were covered at the expense of old stocks or purchased abroad.

Prime Minister stressed that the plant should work at full capacity, so it is necessary to organize its loading at the expense of planned orders of law enforcement agencies. 

Then Olzhas Bektenov heard a report on the reconstruction of the highway "Karaganda-Balkhash-Almaty". Today, almost the entire length of the road is provided with new asphalt, bypass roads remained only at the construction sites of overpasses.

As the head of "KazAutoZhol" Darhan Imanashev noted, the work on 11 bridges and structures has been completed, an overpass over the railroad bridge on the bypass of the city of Balkhash has been built. At the same time, 18 rest areas, including those with sanitary and hygienic facilities, will be built along the highway. For the completion of the project now actively procure construction and road materials and elements of arrangement.

Head of the Government indicated that all works should be completed by the end of the year. At the same time, he demanded to allocate additional special equipment and strengthen measures to clear snow from the roads to prevent multi-kilometer traffic jams. 

Then Olzhas Bektenov visited the production shops of Qarmet metallurgical plant. Today it is one of the largest mining and steel enterprises of the republic with a full production cycle. On the instructions of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, the state provides the necessary support for its further development.

Olzhas Bektenov familiarized himself with the work of blast furnace № 3, sheet rolling shop, as well as hot-dip galvanizing and aluminizing shops. 

Here Prime Minister also talked with metallurgists, during which the issues of improving the status of the profession, increasing wages, creation of new educational institutions for training young specialists, as well as a number of others were raised. 

Prime Minister assured that all these issues will be under the control of the state, as well as the further activity of Qarmet.

"The new investor has made commitments to make large investments in the modernization of production and raising the level of safety, that is in a complex. These are not just words, all this is put on paper and will be under the control of the state. The President has given all the relevant instructions. We are confident that the plant will live a new life and breathe a full breath. This is the pride of the national industry. We, on our part, will control and help in every possible way," Olzhas Bektenov said.

Prime Minister also held a meeting to address pressing issues and further development of Qarmet with the participation of heads of industry departments, a new investor, representatives of the Akimat and employees of the enterprise. 

Qarmet shareholder Andrey Lavrentyev said that by 2028 it is planned to increase the output of iron ore concentrate to 5 million tons, to ensure the output of 9 million tons of coal and production of 5 million tons of steel. 

In addition, the Head of the Government was presented the potential of production of new and premium steel grades for chemical, oil, construction and shipbuilding industries, production of trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, railroad cars, etc. Special attention is paid to certain types of steel for the automotive industry, which will have a positive impact on the development of localization of domestic machine building. In general, it is expected that the demand for new grades of products available in the world market will allow the plant to regain its status as one of the leaders in the metallurgy of Central Asia and the CIS. 

Another priority and promising direction for the company is coal chemistry. Based on pyrolysis conversion technology, it is planned to process coal into useful products and raw materials. This will give a significant impetus to the revival of the Karaganda coal basin. 

In order to achieve all strategic objectives, Olzhas Bektenov instructed the authorized government agencies to work out the current issues of the enterprise. In particular, regarding the provision of Qarmet with natural gas, which will also dramatically improve the environment of Temirtau. 

At the same time, Prime Minister emphasized the need to accelerate the implementation of investment plans of the company, which should make a significant contribution to changing the structure of the economy of Kazakhstan.

As part of his visit to the Saran industrial zone, the head of the Government familiarized himself with the activities of the plant for the production of buses "Qaztehna", which was launched in 2021. 

To date, the plant has small assembly, welding and painting shops. In 2023, about 1,700 buses were produced here. The products of the plant are sent to the domestic market of Kazakhstan, as well as to the EAEU countries.

Then Olzhas Bektenov visited the enterprise for production of automobile tires "KamaTyresKZ". It is planned to start serial production here in spring. For this purpose more than 500 employees are trained and ready to work, and after reaching full capacity more than 1 thousand jobs will be created additionally.

More than 214 billion tenge of investments have been invested in the project. The design capacity is 3.5 million passenger, light truck and cargo tires per year. At present, equipment installation and commissioning works are underway here.

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