Prime Minister Askar Mamin holds meeting with heads of retail chains

Prime Minister Askar Mamin held a conference call on ensuring price stability for socially important goods and on conducting preventive measures to ensure a favorable sanitary and epidemiological situation in shopping centers.

The akims of the regions, owners and heads of retail chains reported on the work of large shopping centers in cities of republican significance and regions, as well as pricing issues. Recommendations on strengthening sanitary and disinfection measures at retail facilities were presented by Minister of Healthcare Yelzhan Birtanov, as well as Minister of Trade and Integration Bakhyt Sultanov.

“In the current environment, one of the key tasks is ensuring food security, preventing the rise in prices for socially important food products and essentials. Akimats, large wholesale suppliers and owners of retail chains need to work closely to ensure uninterrupted supply of goods at affordable prices for the population,” Mamin said.

The Head of Government noted the need for the active use of resources of socio-entrepreneurial corporations and stabilization funds.

“Trade facilities selling food products are an important link in ensuring the livelihoods of the population. For safety reasons, it is necessary to monitor the provision of all sanitary and epidemiological standards. The personnel of retail facilities should be provided with all necessary sanitary equipment for individual protection,” Mamin said.

The prime minister emphasized the importance of ensuring price stability for socially important food products and essentials.

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