Alikhan Smailov and foreign investors discuss launching new projects in Kazakhstan

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov held a meeting with the heads of Harmony Capital Strategy AMC, Citius Capital AG, Torkam Holding and Marsel Group.

With the participation of heads of central government agencies discussed the implementation of projects in the construction of housing and medical facilities, development of renewable energy sources, improving transportation infrastructure, etc. 

Alikhan Smailov emphasized that the Government pays great attention to improving the business climate in the country and is open to new investment initiatives. 

"We welcome your intentions and initiatives in the implementation of projects in Kazakhstan," the Prime Minister said. 

In turn, the head of the delegation, founder of Harmony Capital Strategy AMC and CEO of Citius Capital AG, Kaspar Vonlich noted that some preparatory work has already been done on the planned projects.

"We have had working meetings, we have traveled to the regions several times and we believe that there is a very large potential for financing infrastructure projects in Kazakhstan," he said. 

Following the meeting, Prime Minister instructed government agencies to study and work out all the issues voiced for further development of cooperation with investors.

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