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Simplification of sanitary rules intensified business development

11 December 2017, 13:30

Today, within the framework of the press conference in the Government, Deputy Chairman of the Public Health Protection Committee of the Ministry of Healthcare, Berik Sharip, said how the simplification of sanitary regulations affected the development of domestic business.

According to Berik Sharip, henceforth inspections in supermarkets will not be conducted in a special order.

"The inspections will be conducted only if a complaint is received or if during the control purchases it turns out that products with violations have been sold in the supermarket," B. Sharip clarified.

The requirements for the activities of medical laboratories have also been greatly simplified. Earlier due to overstated requirements, they could not obtain the appropriate permission to conduct some types of research. In this issue, the Ministry of Healthcare conducted deregulation.

"We took into account that new technologies appeared that allow us to do these types of research in the conditions in which our laboratories operate today and decided to legalize their activities in carrying out certain types of research," explained Berik Sharip.

For example, earlier Kazakh laboratories had no right to conduct research on this type of viral hepatitis, as an epidemic parotitis. However, as the speaker noted, after removing restrictions on the country, about 300,000 studies of epidparotritic hepatitis are carried out. The approximate cost is 1.5 billion tenge.

"This is a big market. Previously, private laboratories could not access, because it was very difficult to meet all the requirements for laboratories. Today they can also claim for state orders," the deputy chairman of the committee said.

In addition, today the ministry is working on legalizing business on wheels.

"Previously, this type of business was not considered in the sanitation rules. Now, after a series of discussions with entrepreneurs, we determined that if the relevant requirements are met, then the business on wheels has the right to life," Berik Sharip summed up.

Simplification of sanitary rules intensified business development
Simplification of sanitary rules intensified business development
Simplification of sanitary rules intensified business development