The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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Government adopted draft resolution on national budget for 2013-2015

27 November 2012, 12:56

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov held a session of the Government today. The resolution “On implementation of the Law of Kazakhstan “On the national budget for 2013-2015”, the draft Decree of the President “On state Program “Information Kazakhstan – 2020” were adopted at the session. The measures on transfer of socially important services into electronic format were discussed at the meeting as well.

Opening the session, the Prime Minister congratulated all Kazakhstanis on the victory of Astana in the competition for the right to host the EXPO-2017.  

“This is a victory of Kazakhstan! It is an evidence of the prestige of our country and recognition of the progressive policy pursued by the President. We must justify the confidence by accurate organization of all works and activities,” the Premier said.

Minister of Finance Bolat Zhamishev informed about the draft resolution of the Government on three-year budget. The priority expenditures of the budget are increase of the population employment rate, regional development, improvement of the living standards of the population, quality growth of human potential, industrial and innovative development as well as provision of the population with affordable housing and business support.

Presenting the State Program “Information Kazakhstan – 2020”, Minister of Culture and Information Darkhan Mynbai said that the it was developed in accordance with the resolution of the Government “On measures on implementation of the instructions of the President given in his article “Social Modernization of Kazakhstan: 20 Steps towards Society of Universal Labor”.

The Program consists of four directions including development of ICT in the cultural sphere, modernization of the national mass media, promotion of the production of the national information content and information support of the state activities.

“The Program also provides for technical modernization of the mass media. Thanks to it, 100% of the population will have an opportunity to receive digital broadcast signal by 2017 and 1 mln people will connect to the national satellite network by 2020. Kazakhstani TV channels will be available in the territory of 110 countries,” D.Mynbai said.  

Minister of Transport and Communications of Kazakhstan Askar Zhumagaliyev emphasized that the main purpose of the Program is to ensure efficiency of the system of state administration, affordability of information and communication infrastructure, creation of information environment and development of the national information space.

The Cabinet members also addressed the issues regarding the transfer of 60% of socially important services, all types of licenses into electronic format and establishment of specialized Public Service Centers.

“Licenses for socially important services will be transferred into electronic format by the year end,” Minister A.Zhumagaliyev said. “Presently, 32 licenses are issued in electronic format in a pilot mode. Issuance of 48 more licenses will be launched by the end of the year,” the Minister explained.

Minister of Internal Affairs Kalmukhanbet Kassymov informed at the session that Karaganda specialized Public Service Center would be launched in December this year. The Center will deal with the registration of vehicles, issuance of registration numbers, holding of theoretic and practical exams on traffic regulations and production and issuance of drivers’ licenses.  

The Minister also reported about the process of establishment of specialized Public Service Centers in the other regions of the country.

At the end of the session, Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov gave a number of instructions to the Government members.