The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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Karim Massimov congratulates Kazakhstanis on the first medal at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

07 August 2016, 23:35
Photo: Официальный сайт Премьер-Министра РК

The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan congratulated Yeldos Smetov and Galbadrah Otgontsetseg with silver and bronze awards

"I congratulate the winners of the Olympics #Rio2016 our judoist Y.Smetov and G. Otgontsetseg. Go ahead #KAZ ,” the Prime Minister tweeted.

On the first day of the Olympic Games Kazakhstan’s judoists brought two medals - silver and bronze.

The World Champion and winner of the Asian Games Yeldos knock off spots the sportsman from Libya Mohammed Alkabis Elhadi. The second fight on the mat with Briton Ashley McKenzie brought  him silver medal.