Olzhas Bektenov inspects Petropavlovsk and Sergeyevskiy hydroschemes in North Kazakhstan 

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Olzhas Bektenov arrived on a working visit to North Kazakhstan region to familiarise himself with the progress of execution of the instructions of the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. Within the framework of the programme he will visit objects of communal and energy sector and road infrastructure, as well as a number of enterprises of light and processing industry, including agricultural machinery. 

Special attention during the working visit is paid to the state of water reservoirs in the region and work on qualitative and timely carrying out of anti-flood measures. North Kazakhstan region is included in the risk zone of flood impact. The main water source of the region is the Esil River, which is regulated by three reservoirs: Astana, Sergeyev and Petropavlovsk.

Head of the Government visited Petropavlovsk hydroelectric facility, where he inspected the current state of the reservoir. At present the structure is in satisfactory condition and operates in normal mode. During the flood period the reservoir according to the algorithm will be transferred to the "transit mode" of operation and will not affect the passage of flood waters.

At the same time, Olzhas Bektenov emphasised the condition of the Sergeevskoye reservoir, where in April last year there was an overflow of water.

"Sergeyevskiy and Petropavlovskiy hydrosystems with reservoirs are included in the List of water management facilities owned by the republic and are water management facilities with special strategic importance. The filling of the Sergeevskoye reservoir is 82%. I instruct to keep dacha plots in the zone of special attention," Prime Minister stressed. 

As Director of SCOF RSE "Kazvodkhoz" Shugaip Ibatullin reported, during this period the Sergeevsky and Petropavlovsk waterworks operate in normal mode. However, some structures of road bridges are in emergency condition. In this regard, the issues of redirecting the traffic flow on the available alternative roads are being worked out. In general, 87 settlements subject to floods have been taken into account in the region. Since 24 January the region has been put on high alert, since 26 March the Operational Headquarters has been deployed. 

Prime Minister instructed the Akimat of North Kazakhstan region to complete all planned preventive measures, the Ministry for Emergency Situations to prepare in case of deterioration of the flood situation, to mobilise forces and equipment. 

"As you know, in a number of our regions there was a significant increase in water levels, which led to floods. All forces have been mobilised. Republican and regional operational headquarters are working round the clock. The forces and means of the Ministries for Emergency Situations, Internal Affairs, Defence, National Security Committee are involved in rescue operations with a total In hard-to-reach places, evacuation is carried out by helicopters, and the work continues and will be carried out until the threat to the population is completely removed. The situation is under enhanced control. The Government and akimats will provide necessary assistance to all victims," Olzhas Bektenov said.

Before the working trip to the North Kazakhstan Region, Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov heard reports of regional akims and Minister for Emergency Situations Chingis Arinov on the work carried out to control the flood situation. 

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