Olzhas Bektenov: Saving people's lives and minimise disaster consequences to be main thing today

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Olzhas Bektenov heard a report of the Minister for Emergency Situations Chingis Arinov in the Crisis Management Centre of the Ministry for Emergency Situations. In the videoconference mode were connected territorial emergency departments.  

According to the Ministry for Emergency Situations, together with akimats, more than 2.3 million cubic metres of melt water have been pumped out, more than 162,000 bags and 31,587 tonnes of inert material have been laid. 6,349 people, 2,192 pieces of equipment, 689 units of water-pumping means, etc. are involved in the rescue work.

"These are the most large-scale floods in recent years. The main thing now is to save people's lives and minimise the consequences of the disaster. After that, a substantive inspection will be carried out to identify possible facts of negligent attitude of certain officials to fulfil their official duties. I have already discussed this issue with the Prosecutor General. Today, all forces have been thrown into flood control work.  A state of emergency has been declared in a number of regions. My first deputy Roman Sklyar is working on the spot in the most affected regions," Mr Olzhas Bektenov stressed.    

Head of the Government also noted that there are risks of flooding in the northern regions. Earlier the condition of waterworks in North Kazakhstan region was checked.

The leadership of the Ministry for Emergency Situations has been instructed to strengthen control over the work in all regions of the country. 

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