Olzhas Bektenov verifies implementation of President's instruction on agricultural development in West-Kazakhstan region

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Olzhas Bektenov during his working trip to West Kazakhstan region got acquainted with the ongoing work to ensure food security and heard a report on the development of agro-industrial complex in the region.

Head of the Government visited the greenhouse complex for production of vegetable products of "World Green Company" LLP, where he familiarised himself with the technological process and examined the finished products.

All necessary conditions have been created on the territory of the greenhouse: irrigation, ventilation, shading, humidification, cooling, heating and other systems are working. Over 6,000 tonnes of cucumbers and tomatoes are produced here per year.

"Our greenhouse is a high-tech project, which is built according to the fourth generation Dutch technology and includes all modern elements. We currently employ 190 people permanently, all of whom are residents of our region. The products are sold to the local market, but are also in demand in neighbouring regions of Kazakhstan and nearby regions of Russia," the head of the enterprise Murat Ibragimov said.

The area of industrial greenhouses in Kazakhstan today is 223.1 hectares. To stimulate greenhouse business under the Investment Subsidy Rules, reimbursement of costs has been increased from 25% to 30%. Also, 50% of the cost of fertilisers, plant protection products, irrigation water supply, cucumber and tomato seeds are subsidised.

Following the visit to the greenhouse, Prime Minister emphasised the importance of saturating the domestic market with domestic agricultural products.

"The Head of State supports the development of agriculture. This year 430 billion tenge has been provided within the framework of measures to support agro-industrial complex. However, on the instructions of the President, we will double this amount. Therefore, there is a prospect of increasing agricultural production, now we need to work actively. The necessary assistance from the state will be provided," Olzhas Bektenov said.

Here the Head of the Government was also presented the project of construction of Kazakhstan's first mining and processing complex for the production of potash fertilisers with a capacity of 6 million tonnes and attracting about $2.4 billion of investment. Today, the average demand for such fertilisers in Kazakhstan is 18,000 tonnes per year. The plant will be launched in stages until 2035. According to Nurlan Artykbayev, founder of Qazaq Kalium Ltd., Kazakhstan will be among the top 5 global potash fertiliser producers with a 14% share of the global market. The project will create 4,000 permanent jobs.

It should be noted that West Kazakhstan region is an industrial-agrarian region. The volume of gross agricultural output in 2023 totalled 305.5 billion tenge. Last year 310 thousand tonnes of cereals, 81.2 thousand tonnes of oilseeds, 61.7 thousand tonnes of vegetables were produced. Today the region has 32 potato and vegetable storages with a capacity of 52.3 thousand tonnes, including equipped - 51.1 thousand tonnes. This year it is planned to put into operation 2 additional vegetable storages.

Besides, livestock breeding is actively developing in West Kazakhstan region, 14 fattening grounds for 33.5 thousand heads are operating, which are equipped with all necessary infrastructure. This year it is planned to launch 7 more fattening grounds with the capacity of 17.4 thousand heads. In addition, construction of 4 large dairy farms for 1.9 thousand heads has started. As a result, milk production in the region will reach 41.2 thousand tonnes.

In general, at the end of last year the share of processed agricultural products reached 63.1%, by 2026 it is planned to increase this figure to 70%. To date, the provision of local food products is carried out on 24 names of basic food products. The work in this direction is under special control.

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