Readiness of educational facilities for heating season in Kazakhstan amounts to 99.6% — Ministry of Energy

At the Government session chaired by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov the progress of preparation for the upcoming heating season was considered. Reports were made by the Minister of Industry and Construction Kanat Sharlapaev, Deputy Minister of Energy Zhandos Nurmaganbetov, Akims of Pavlodar region Assayin Bayhanov, Mangystau region Nurlan Nogayev, Abay region Nurlan Urankhayev. 

On the progress of preparation of energy companies for the upcoming fall-winter period reported Deputy Minister of Energy  Nurmaganbetov. According to him, for the start of the heating season there is a necessary composition of equipment. In accordance with the approved by the System Operator repair schedule at the power plants in 2023 scheduled overhauls of 10 power units, 49 boilers and 54 turbines. Repairs are underway at various stages at 5 power units, 23 boilers and 20 turbines. Repairs have been completed at 4 power units, 17 boilers and 13 turbines.

On the power grids in 2023, overhauls of power transmission lines with a total length of about 25.3 thousand kilometers, 567 substations, 3.5 thousand distribution points and transformer substations are planned.

"Repair of 22.7 thousand kilometers of power lines and 514 substations, 3,466 distribution points and transformer substations has been performed. In the East Kazakhstan region at JSC "Ridder CHPP" contractors are carrying out repair work on all 6 boilers. For their overhaul from the reserve of the Government allocated 7.2 billion tenge. Boilers No. 2 and No. 3 will be put into operation at the end of September," the representative of the Ministry of Energy said.

In Pavlodar region within the framework of ensuring reliable operation of Ekibastuz CHPP in the upcoming heating season it is envisaged to repair 10 boilers. Currently, work is being carried out on seven boilers. For the repair of five hot water boilers taken into municipal ownership, 7.4 billion tenge has been allocated from the reserve of the Government.

"The remaining 5 steam boilers, as well as auxiliary equipment, buildings and structures are repaired at the expense of the joint-stock company "CAEC". Before the start of the heating season, 5 boilers will be ready. The rest will be completed by October according to the schedule," Nurmaganbetov assured. 

He added that the preparation of TPP-2 of JSC "Arcelormittal Temirtau" is also under special control. The Minister of Energy personally familiarized himself with the repair last week and made appropriate changes to the schedule of repair work. The deadline for completion of repair of boiler No. 4 is extended until the end of October. The construction of a new boiler No. 7 is delayed until next summer. 

At Zhezkazgan CHPP it is necessary to accelerate the repair of boiler No. 4, as well as to ensure the implementation of all planned repairs of power equipment. Following the visit to the CHPP, it was decided to extend the completion of the reconstruction of boiler No. 8 until April 2024. Relevant instructions were given to the management of Kazakhmys Energy. This issue is also on the control of the agency. 

"In Mangystau region at the thermal power plant of MAEC LLP the planned overhaul of power unit No. 3 was postponed to 2024, instead of power unit No. 3 emergency repair of the rotor of the generator of power unit No. 2 is being carried out until November this year. The repair of power unit No. 3 was postponed to 2024 due to untimely completion of work on power unit No. 2. There are risks of failure to utilize the funds allocated from the Government reserve. Therefore, the regional akimat should take control over the completion of the repair campaign of MAEC LLP. At CHPP-1 of State Enterprise "Teplokommunenergo" in Abay region, the extended current repair of boiler No. 5 is being carried out with a lag. Also, current repairs at Gabbasov boiler house are being carried out with a lag. In this regard, we believe it is necessary to accelerate repairs in general at the State Enterprise "Teplokommunenergo". At the Gabbasov boiler house of SCP "Teplokommunenergo" the fourth boiler will be in October. By winter 2 out of 4 boilers will be ready. The rest should be taken under control," the speaker said.

Meanwhile, at the CHPP of SCP "Arkalyk TEK" steam and hot-water boilers operating on fuel oil are ready to carry the heat load, provided the reconstruction of the chemical water treatment system is completed. It is necessary to accelerate the commissioning work on the new CHPP, because the situation continues for the second year.

"On the work of JSC "Zhambyl SDPP". Due to the reduction of water, Zhambyl GRES produces less electricity. As a result, there may be restrictions. The Ministry of Energy of Kyrgyzstan has concluded a special agreement with the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan. RK supplies electricity to KR for the purpose of water storage and collection. This allowed to solve the water problem next year. As you know, due to a decrease in the amount of water coming from the Shu-Talas canal, the plant is currently operating in a single-unit mode with a load of 120 MW. In case of increase of water volume in the coming months (October-November), the station plans to enter the two-three-unit mode of operation. The authorized bodies of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan agreed on the schedules of water supply regime for water management facilities of interstate use in the basins of the Shu and Talas rivers only on June 26, 2023. Due to the fact that the water situation remained difficult, on July 19, 2023 in Bishkek, a meeting was held between the water management agencies of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, during which a protocol was signed. According to the Protocol on the Talas river basin (Kirov reservoir), since August 6, 2023, the limit of Kazakhstan is exhausted and under the condition of increasing inflow, discharge to Kazakhstan will be considered. At the same time, due to the cleaning of the Talas River bed water flow in the river is currently 6 m3 / s," the Deputy Minister of Energy explained. 

Zhandos Nurmaganbetov also added that in the event of a complete shutdown of ZGRES System Operator KEGOC has developed an algorithm of actions, including technical, to introduce appropriate restrictions on consumers. However, taking into account the launch of heat supply in the southern regions from October 2023, the production of electricity at CHPPs will increase, which will minimize the restrictions imposed. The Ministry of Energy together with the Ministry of Water Resources is working to ensure technical water supply to Zhambyl GRES.

Astana is preparing CHPP-3 and boiler houses for commissioning works, which are scheduled by the end of this year. 

Deputy Minister of Energy told about fuel reserves. At the fuel depots of energy sources accumulated 4.9 million tons of coal and 85 thousand tons of fuel oil. All CHPPs have accumulated fuel reserves in accordance with the norms. The situation has improved compared to last month. 

"An important problematic issue is a significant amount of accounts payable by energy producing organizations for fuel. The debt of energy producing organizations to KazTransGas-Aymak JSC is 15.2 billion tenge. There is also a debt of energy producing organizations to "Bogatyr-Komir" LLP in the amount of 7.5 billion tenge. Energy companies need to accelerate the repayment of debt," the speaker emphasized. 

In order to smoothly pass the upcoming heating season, the Ministry of Industry and Construction is constantly monitoring the readiness of public utilities, social sphere and housing. The head of the department Kanat Sharlapaev began his report with this. 

Thus, by September 1, by the beginning of the school year, all educational facilities should have been ready for the heating season. According to the information provided by regional Akimats, today the readiness of educational facilities is 99.6%. Work is still underway on 42 educational facilities in 8 regions. Including 24 objects are undergoing major repairs. The remaining facilities have not completed repair work on heating systems.

The readiness of healthcare facilities is 98.9%. Work is still in progress at 62 facilities in 9 regions. The largest number of unprepared objects is observed in Abay, Aktobe, Atyrau regions. As for the preparation of housing stock, in 47 thousand residential buildings have completed preparatory work, which is 94%. About 3 thousand residential buildings are not yet prepared for the fall-winter period. Low rates of readiness are noted in Mangystau region, Shymkent and Almaty cities.

"By the end of September this year it was necessary to complete repair works on engineering infrastructure. In general, 573 km of heating networks are planned to be repaired in the republic at the expense of all sources of funding. To date, 498 km or 86.8% of the plan have been repaired. In Almaty, Mangystau and Atyrau regions the repair of heat networks is less than 70%. This year, 109.5 billion tenge has been allocated from the republican budget for the reconstruction of 133 km of heating networks. To date, the work has been completed by 78%, or 103 kilometers of heat networks have been laid," the Minister said. 

In a number of regions there are 10 problem areas, where there is a low rate of repair work and there are risks of failure to complete the work in due time. Mangystau region has been allocated 3.5 billion tenge for the implementation of 2 projects. As of today only 100 meters have been laid with the plan of 5.1 km. The necessary volume of pipe products is missing.

Similar situation in North-Kazakhstan region: in Petropavlovsk city on 1 project 200 meters have been laid with the plan of 1.3 km. In addition, on 2 projects in East Kazakhstan, Karaganda and Kyzylorda regions, as well as on one project in the city of Shymkent the fulfillment is less than 70%.

"On the above projects there is a high risk of non-completion of repair works and deterioration of quality and reliability of heat supply services during the heating season. In this regard, local executive bodies should promptly take effective measures to complete the projects," the speaker appealed. 

Also, for this year Akimats planned to repair 1.6 thousand kilometers of water supply networks, 1.5 thousand kilometers or 93.6% have been repaired. Low pace of works is observed in Almaty city, Atyrau and Turkestan regions. In addition, it is planned to repair 263 km of water drainage networks, of which 210 km or 79.9% have been repaired. The lowest indicators are noted in Mangystau region, Almaty city and Almaty region.

"Regarding autonomous boiler houses. This year it is necessary to prepare 13,514 autonomous boiler houses. The works have been completed by 99.2%. Works on their preparation continue in Shymkent city, Abay and Kyzylorda regions. In the current heating period the need for coal products is 9.1 million tons. To date, about 2.6 million tons of coal have been shipped to municipal and household needs and to the population. Fulfillment of the annual plan is 28.3%," Sharlapayev reported on the situation. 

Meanwhile, in order to exclude the outflow of social coal, the Ministry has taken measures to limit the export of coal by road transport.

"A Government resolution will be adopted to establish an exclusive right to export coal with the granting of the right of export to coal mining companies that have contracts and licenses for coal mining, as well as affiliated trading companies. In order to ensure the timely start and smooth passage of the heating season, Akimats need to complete repair work on engineering infrastructure facilities by the end of September; to ensure the readiness of social facilities and housing stock by October 15; to take all necessary measures for the timely start and smooth passage of the heating season; to provide regional operators with contracts for the supply of coal according to the plan of the region's needs; to accelerate the conclusion of direct contracts between greenhouse farms and coal mines, as well as to take all necessary measures for the timely start and smooth passage of the heating season," he said. 

The head of the region Abay Nurlan Urankhaev reported that preparations for the upcoming heating season are being carried out in accordance with the approved plan.

According to him, the reconstruction of heat networks and sources for a total of 23.9 billion tenge is being completed. The repair work is 85% complete and will be completed by the end of September.

The total need for coal in the region for the upcoming heating season is 1.2 million tons. At CHPPs and heat sources of the region accumulated 48 thousand tons of coal or 181% of the normative operational reserve.

"For budgetary organizations fuel supply has been carried out in full. The population is provided with coal by 34%. There are 13.3 thousand tons at the railway dead ends, delivery is carried out in a timely manner. In the boiler house "Gabbasova" in order to increase capacity an additional boiler unit with a capacity of 20 Gcal/hour is being installed, the completion date is September 30 of the current year. The readiness of boilers No. 2 and No. 3 is 80%, these boilers will be ready by the beginning of the heating season. Installation of boiler No.4 is completed, commissioning works are in progress. Boiler No. 1 is a reserve boiler, its start-up will be performed until October 30," Akim assured.

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